5-Minute NLP: Practise Positive Thinking Every Day (Collins Gem) By Carolyn Boyes

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    By studying the way others achieve excellence and applying this thinking to your personal and professional life, it is possible to improve the way you communicate from day to day. The principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can seem daunting and the jargon can be hard to decipher—what is meant by rapport, changing emotional states, modelling, the conscious, and unconscious? This book untangles the jargon and makes the subject accessible for both novices and experienced NLP enthusiasts alike. The pocket workbook-style makes it easy to develop your communication skills at any time with quick exercises, activities, and techniques. Fully illustrated throughout, including a clear introductory section explaining the basics of NLP as well as an extensive glossary for reference, this is the ideal practical guide to help you build upon and practice your communication strategies at your own pace. 5-Minute NLP: Practise Positive Thinking Every Day (Collins Gem)

    I am always on the look-out for books or literature that present aspects of the mind and how it impacts life. And in this context, a variety of NLP-related books are among those I pick up for a read.
    Titled '5-Minute NLP,' this book is not the five-minute crash course that people may expect it to be. Instead, it provides detailed insights to the techniques, principles and practical exercises of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
    In addition, Carolyn Boyes prescribes a powerful 5-minute per day routine to utilise the powers of NLP and effect a difference to life. There is much in this for the novice and also for the experienced in NLP. 0007266596 really important book Brief and clear i have identfied some phrases and techniques with a light green marker pen .. really enjoy it luv neuro linguistic programming :) 0007266596 أول كتاب أنهيه في 2011
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    مركز 0007266596 As I get older I increasingly support the value of simplicity, especially in subjects that are important to me. NLP is one of them. I have read the larger book upon which this book is based. Obviously, there are less words but this does not diminish it. In some ways this may actually enhance the book because it is some direct in its approach. At any rate the purpose of NLP is not information but transformation. On this occasion, the subject that intrigues me is state management. Ironically, over recent weeks I have become aware that the nature of my state had had an impact upon my thinking, feeling and action. In seeking this transformation I have not figured out how much is me and how much is the Lord or whether this question is relevant at all. So, it has been great to have a refresher course on NLP. It has been like meeting an old friend again. NLP is about communication. It clearly involves communication with others but primarily it is concerned with how you communicate with yourself. What I like especially about Boyle's book is the emphasis upon how NLP an be applied in lots of different context. Excellent! 0007266596 A quick reread. 0007266596