Advanced Google AdWords By Brad Geddes

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    With all of the money I spend on advertising/marketing, online is where you want to be. Even here you can easily blow a great deal of money. You have to either know what to do, or be able to explain how to do it. Google Adwords is a must know for advertising. Brad Geddes has created a fantastic how to book. I would recommend that you read it slowly, and constantly create ads you may want to run. As you go through the book create new drafts of your ad. That helped me a great deal. Paperback I used it more like a reference book. It was terrific. Told me what I wanted to know on topics that are incredibly hard to Google. Paperback A very helpful book indeed. Paperback Critical Skill

    If you’re an SEM professional or hire one, you need to understand the contents of this book. While not as readable as his first intro book as well as getting a touch dated, the Advanced AdWords book has a lot of tactical and strategic approaches to help your campaign. A must have in the library. Paperback Started my current job knowing very little about Paid Search so I found myself this book with the hope it could help me learn some basics. It has not only provided me with strong foundation of Search, but also bring in various innovations/features that I could potentially use in for the client's campaigns. Whenever I read this book, I feel so motivated to learn more and more!
    Definitely recommend this book for all people doing Paid Search as it will do you wonder or at least question you about things you thought you have done correctly all the times. Paperback

    Master Google AdWords and get more out of your campaigns

    What's the secret to making every pay-per-click of your Google AdWords really pay? This must-have guide-written by a Google Advanced AdWords seminar instructor-shows you exactly how to apply advanced techniques and tactics for better results. Discover the best tools for keyword research, tips on crafting winning ad copy, advanced PPC optimization tricks, winning bidding strategies, and much more. If you manage AdWords PPC accounts, you won't want to miss this expert, detailed instruction.

    Covers the essential and advanced capabilities of Google AdWords Explores keyword research, PPC optimization strategies, the intricacies of Content Nation, how to interpret results and reports, and much more Provides busy marketers, consultants, PR professionals, Web developers, and others with an invaluable, step-by-step guide of advanced concepts Goes well beyond the basics and offers tips and tactics that you can immediately apply to your own campaigns Reinforces concepts through fascinating, real-world case studies Includes a $25 Google Adwords Gift Card for new customers If you've been seeking a practical, expert book on Google AdWords, one that goes well beyond the basics, Advanced Google AdWords is it! Advanced Google AdWords


    I wish Brad Geddes would come out with a fourth edition! There’s been so many changes since the third edition. Paperback Inspiring! Paperback Great to learn .

    95% Great contents - 5% confusing and repeating contents. Book stretched towards the end and the author could have restricted to 450-500pages

    Anyways no way to reject the fact that it was a wonderful book. Paperback I won this book here on GR. It arrived in the mail earlier this week and I sat down and read it in one day. Here's what I advise:

    If you are considering using Googel AdWords for marketing and promoting, this book is a must-read.

    If you are currently buying into the Google AdWords market as a way of promoting and advertising, you really should have this book as a guide.

    I have a background as a publicity/marketing writer and some of my clients are in the top list of corporations (background on my website). What I found intriguing and very helpful about this book is that the author has taken the traditional mode of operation used in advertising, publicity and marketing and applied it to Google AdWords. For instance, what is known in Google AdWords as a funnel is the inverted pyramid used in writing Press Releases.

    Using a common frame of reference technique to explain specifics regarding how and why Google AdWords works makes this guide easy to use by older professionals such as myself and newbies to cyberspace marketing of the Internet age. Professional cyber marketer or a renegade self-employed business operator, there is something in this book for everyone.

    By the way, I do not pay for Google AdWords advertising and I do not plan to, most authors do not. However, the psychology of understanding how Google Search and Google Results operate is mandatory to anyone who desires to create an Internet buzz about their product or service. IMPORTANT: Understanding the psychology of search words and phrases and the results that are rendered is crucial to having a business advantage on the Internet. This book lays it out in plain talk, there is no need to be a Google Geek to use this guidebook to your advantage.

    The book is user-friendly to professionals and rookies alike. It has of the moment critical information regarding how to use Google (the most often used search engine on the Internet) to your business advantage.

    Elizabeth Eagan-Cox, author. Paperback Unbelievable book with invaluable amounts of detailed information with redundancy for memory optimization for the reader. All I can say is WOW... thank you so much for this. Much love and respect. Paperback