Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10) By A.E. Howe

    The Mystery Surrounding the Perpetrator!

    The identity of the perpetrator of the crimes is, at least to me, the most engaging and engrossing facet of this series. The editing is also very good and adds to the pleasure of reading. Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10) Probably the most enjoyable read I've had recently.
    I've gotten tired of the gory serial killer genre that has to leave every chapter a cliffhanger. This has just the right level of suspense and whodunitude. The best evidence of how much I like the book is that as soon as I'm done writing this review, I'm going to go start the series from the beginning.
    I like the characters, I like the plot. Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10) Augusts Heat

    As always an interesting read by a talented writer. I recommend anyone who likes to escape from the pressures of today's trouble take time for a cool story about the Macklin law men of Fllorida. Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10) The book is a page turner, it gets you hooked in order to find who did it!!! Written in a way that seems someone is verbally telling you a story, it´s easy to read and has relatable characters. Enjoyable! Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10) Conrad Higgins, antique dealer has been discovered dead, one early morning, by a neighbour. The list of suspects is large due to his 'criminal' activities involving it seems the whole town. Deputy Larry Macklin and his team investigate. Unfortunately for Macklin this will not be the last death.
    An enjoyable crime story Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10)

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    The book was a page-turner. Right from the start, there's an odd murder, and it was compelling enough to hook my interest. Unlike some of Howe's previous work, this book has a near-maniacal focus on the case. That is one of the things that makes it hard to put this book down. The mystery is a good one—I didn't suspect the real killer was until quite late—and of course smacked my forehead wondering how I could have missed it. That's the sign of a great setup and reveal to me. Unlike some other mystery writers, Howe doesn't (usually) rely on the revealing of a clue that only the main character can see to solve the case—the reader sees everything Larry Macklin sees. The climax of this book is a little over-the-top, but nonetheless enjoyable.

    Howe is a solid writer and the Larry Macklin mysteries are satisfying reads. August's Heat has a lot less of many of the characters we have become familiar with in the first nine books. Not very much Cara, almost no Sheriff Ted, very little Pete. Although I kind of miss them, keeping them in the background is one of the things that makes this book feel fresh—we focus on new and different supporting characters. Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10) One body after another

    As usual, bodies just keep showing up. Are they somehow connected? Is it the same killer for all of them? One thing that really bothered me in this one was THE GUN in the first murder. Macklin walks in and sees the victim, on his back with a dime sized bullet hole in his forehead. That's the scene. Nothing about seeing a gun, where it is, but the deputy on scene asks about it, still nothing about where it is. I'd think where they found it might be of some value to the investigation. Nothing in the whole book describes just where it was found. Near his hand? On the floor by the door? On a table? And the several mentions about whether it was a single- or double-action; wouldn't Pete know? Wouldn't they at least check it out if they thought it might make a difference? Howe seems to do that in his books, either sparse info about something that may matter, or throwing in a mention of something or someone from an earlier book that makes no sense whatsoever. Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10) Very good read. Very good series. I read this one in just 3 sittings over about 12 hours. Likeable characters and a good who-done-it make for a very enjoyable read. check this series out ! Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10) Think I've actually managed to read the next in the series based on the one I read last year, so bonus. This story finds Larry investigating the murder of a not so loved member of the community with a nice long suspect list, many of whom had opportunity as well as motive. Not only that but there's not only one but two adorable Great Danes to entertain us with their presence and their bravery (no dogs die so worry not on that front). There are plenty of twists and turns as ever with Howe's story telling and it isn't until the very end that things become completely clear and you actually believe some of the hints that are scattered through the story. Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10) 4.5 Stars

    Many thanks to the author for the digital copy of AUGUST'S HEAT. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

    Criminal Investigator Larry Macklin is back in this 10th installment of the series. even though this one can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend starting at the very beginning. The regular characters have grown and matured, and each book seems to be better than the last.

    When Conrad Higgins is found murdered in his own home, Larry and his partner, Darlene, are called to investigate. There are no clues, no evidence and from questioning his neighbors, Higgins was a much detested man. He was called a conman, a thief, a hustler and everyone had a motive.

    When Larry's top suspects are also found murdered, Larry finds this is not going to be an open and shut case.

    All the gang are back ... Cara, Larry's girlfriend ... Darlene is back with a new love interest ... and of course, there is Mauser. Larry's dad's 200-pound Great Dane who makes a much welcome appearance.

    It's a well written novel, as all the stories in this series are. The suspense is low key, but it's always mysterious how Larry and Darlene navigate through suspects, motives, alibis. This has become one of my favorite series. Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10)


    Criminal investigator Larry Macklin faces a classic who-done-it when Conrad Higgins, a local antiques dealer with questionable ethics, is found shot in his own home.

    Larry soon realizes that half the town had reason to hate the man. Is the murderer the next door neighbor with an ax to grind? The friendly nursing home volunteer who believes Higgins swindled her mother? The rich silent partner with a checkered past? Or even Higgins’s nephew, who’s on the run from his own personal demons.

    Larry barely has time to wrap his brain around all the options when one of the suspects is viciously attacked and another disappears. It’s going to take all his skills as an investigator, and a little help from his partners and friends, for Larry to crack this case.
    Augusts Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries #10)