Big Data: A Startup Thriller Novel By Lucas Carlson

    Big Data: A Startup Thriller Novel is a new ingenious creation by Lucas Carlson, a fiction and non-fiction author and entrepreneur, who already got my attention and won me over with his first thrilling startup novel The Term Sheet.

    Big Data is a maddening ride through our near future where artificial intelligence is incorporated in our lives to the point that people rely on its services more than on their natural instincts, reasoning and decision making. It serves us, it helps us, it cures us, and then it kills us...

    This is exactly what happens when Luna Valencia's most-advanced supercomputer in history Ancien starts to refine and improve on its own code which can “solve many problems in the world of artificial intelligence without human assistance, interpretation, or intervention.” It is the holy grail in the world of computers, but it also is the weapon for mass murder in the world of humans.

    Luna Valencia's own baby becomes her executor when it falls into the hands of Doug Kensington and Thor Massino, two ill-intentioned ambitious and unscrupulous people. There is no safe place for her or anyone, because suddenly “people are dying. Everybody. Everywhere. People are dying faster all over—in every region of the world—at a higher rate.”

    On her quest to uncover the truth about mysterious deaths, Luna not only faces losing her company but is hunted and chased into walking the path covered with bodies and smeared with blood, both of the innocent and guilty ones. Even losing her own life is something she has to deal with in order to stop computers from killing people. The whole world is in grave danger.

    In “a weird mash-up” of computers and people, “nobody was deciding who would die. Nor was anyone determining how these people would die. The computer figured out those parts on its own. But (...) it was human beings who created the intention to kill. Not the computer. The one thing nobody seemed to be able to synthesize with computers was the creative intention. The spark of why. More and more, any discrete task could be better accomplished by computers than by humans. But the intention behind the task, the creative force. That was still as mysterious and intractable as the soul.”

    Lucas Carlson in this extremely exciting novel also doesn't lose a poetic expression during this fast and crazy artificial intelligence ride for life and death. He barely gives us a moment or two to catch our breath before we are thrown into another life-threatening situation in which someone is programmed to die. The thin line between our near future and actual reality becomes even thinner when we come to realize that technology already today is infused in so many aspects of our lives. We submit ourselves to it, we reap its fruits and we think we control it. Do we, indeed?

    Alarm bells are ringing through all 400 pages of Big Data with the warning. We better snap out of our indifference and, as the author says in his afterword, ask ourselves, “how do we prevent bad people from getting their hands on software that could potentially destroy us? The world’s next generation of mega-weapons will be software. Code in machines. Machines that drive our cars, fly our planes, control our homes, run our hospitals, and do something new for us every day. (…) It is time that we, as a global human race, invent and adopt systems of technological checks and balances. Software is infinitely easier to infiltrate and steal than atomic bombs. And if we sit back and do nothing—if we just throw our hands up and ignore the problem—we will have to live with the consequences. (…) And what’s at stake is the very survival of the human race.”

    BJ Kindle Edition We keep worrying about AI taking over...

    5 out of 5 stars

    Luna Valencia has created a platform that allows almost anyone in the world to have access to a supercomputer. This allows for great strides in almost everything that uses technology. It's everywhere, helping to make the world a better place... for now. On the day of their IPO, someone comes into the NYSE with a bomb strapped to their chest hoping to talk to Luna, to tell her about something she had no idea about. What follows is a technothriller where Luna and everyone around her is in danger at every turn from an invisible antagonist.

    The narration by Robyn A Roth was well done. She gave the main character a great voice, and the others in the book were secondary characters. There's nothing wrong with that at all as the story revolves around on person. The audio quality left me a little upset. Listening to this in the car wasn't too bad, but if you listen to it on headphones there is a faint fuzzy background noise throughout the entire book. There were a few times that it went away, but only for a few words. I'm not sure if the narrator or the producer/production company is to blame for this, but if it's possible to clean it up, it might be worth the effort.

    Lucas Carlson knows how to write. Big Data kept me interested from beginning to end, grabbing my attention and never letting it go. It's one of those books that the first chapter has you looking down the rabbit hole and the last chapter has you realizing that you've been reading the book all day. Honestly, it reminded me of a mix between Joseph Finder and Michael Crichton.

    Big Data is extremely rooted in plausibility. It's just one of those stories that you read and think, well, let's hope that we're not shortsighted and ignore all of the warning signs.

    I genuinely started this book and had a hard time putting it down. If you are familiar with other Carlson's other Startup Thriller The Term Sheet, you won't be disappointed. And if you're new to his storytelling -- this is a great story to jump into. Non-stop action interweaving technology and the real world. Kindle Edition Not just an incredibly smart and beautiful woman, but one who can think on her feet.

    Navigating the web of lies, betrayal, and deceit, this woman emerges victorious against her extremely powerful enemies, barely getting out alive, all through her wit.

    With startling relevance to the modern world, and its tech oriented approach, this novel really strikes a cord, with a fresh, unique storyline. A must-read! Kindle Edition Big Data by Lucas Carlson will have you wondering if this is fact or fiction. Can computers be programmed to murder? Luna Valencia is the founder of the greatest Artificial Intelligence company. However, it has come under the control of some people who have ulterior motives and are seeking power instead of humanitarian uses for this powerful tool. Luna is also fighting for her life trying to save her company, and everyone else and the program she created is trying to kill her too.

    This book will keep you turning pages, hoping that Luna can save everyone and wondering if this could really happen. The plot and characters are well developed. I highly recommend this thrilling book. Kindle Edition Next generation mega-weapon!

    This book is about Artificial intelligence. Starts at the New York stock exchange floor. Taye run out of time, he is trying to worn Luna about her software is killing five million people more in a year. Is this population control? How do we prevent evil people from getting their hands on software that one day will destroy us. Cars, airplanes, hospitals, our appliances and homes, just a few for now are runs on software. In this story Gaia Wrath killing very efficiently, without any trace.
    This story kept me up, had to re read parts before writing a review, thank you Lucas Carlson. Kindle Edition

    Whole Super intelligent AI will kill us all theme is nothing new or original. Generally such stories can be divided into two groups, AI will achieve sentience and decide to do something to humanity we won't like but AI will deem as necessary and people will abuse AI to achieve their nefarious goals because AI is neutral but humans suck. Both have been told and retold numerous times so it's really up to author to give readers some new angle to make story fresh. This book doesn't do that.

    This book has three main issues. First one is pacing. Things just... happen. There is little logic or explanation behind events, they just happen because plot needs them to happen. People do things not because they are driven by some inner logic or because of who they are as person, they do it because plot needs them to do something so plot can move on. Which brings me to second point, characters. None of them are really developed and I had trouble sympathizing with them. They are step above cliches and stereotypes, but only a step. And third, probably most important one for book with this theme is that looks like author couldn't decide what kind of company we are dealing with here. At some point it's described as start-up, implying something small to medium sized. Then we learn there are actually numerous investors involved already and company has board of managers. Then we learn that company is dominating (or big player in) several sectors, such as health care, logistics, air traffic. And is big global player to boot.

    And ending feels as if author re4ached certain number of pages and realized he has to wrap things up quickly, so everything just falls into place perfectly to give us ending we are supposed to have. Kindle Edition Viết về vấn đề cách phân tích dữ liệu sao cho hiệu quả Kindle Edition Action, terrorism. Wow. loved the action and deceit in this story. If you are looking for action and intrique, this is the book for you.
    One woman's dream turned into a death machine. Making killing look like accidents Makes one wonder if this could happen now. Maybe it is and no one has figured it out yet.

    Lucas Carlson is an amazing writer. Looking forward to his next book Kindle Edition This is the second time I read book from Mr Carlson. And I really like his first one except the ending. But I can say that this is much better. It is much more polished except once again for the ending. Big Data is the sequel from Term Sheet with different main characters.

    Big Data is in anyway much more different than Term Sheet. The only similarity they had is main antagonist and it is technology thriller. I can see that Mr Carlson have improved much since Term Sheet. You can feel the smoothness and it flows naturally. The characters are also much better. The characterizations is cleaner (read mature) than Term Sheet. Maybe because they are adult instead of teenager. But I am glad that Mr Carlson also include Term Sheet main characters even just for cameo. Make me happy because Term Sheet ending is a little too sad for my liking.

    The story itself is very great. I really like it. My problem is there's certain character that I feel unnecessary. I mean I don't really understand his purpose in the story. Nevertheless, I still like this character, if only his role was given more consideration. Once again I say that I have problem with the ending. Actually there's nothing wrong with the ending. Instead it was a happy one. My discontent is it was quite weak. I mean with strong story and strong characters, it was quite a disappointment to have weak ending. There's not enough closure. But personally that's just me based on my experience reading story in the same genre. Anyway, I like that Mr Carlson finished the bad guy this time after what he did in Term Sheet and now Big Data. It was really poetic justice. Overall, I really love this story. And I really really enjoy the story. Cannot wait to read Mr Carlson next book.

    My rating : 4.5 of 5 Kindle Edition My first read from author Lucas Carlson raises the question, Why did I wait so long to read this book?
    I got it back in early December and there are so many books and so little time, I screwed up. Well-written, captivating characters, the storyline grabs you and runs away with you. I've already put another of his books at #1 on my TBR list. Kindle Edition


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    AN AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER CYBERPUNK If you think artificial intelligence is dangerous, then you don’t know the real threat to humanity’s future…

    Luna Valencia is the founder of the hottest big data and artificial intelligence startup in history. She’s about to become incredibly rich and powerful. But just when she’s about to take her company public, her world begins to fall apart.

    On the day of her startup’s IPO, a stock exchange shooter plummets Luna into a downward spiral toward a threat more menacing than she ever imagined possible. Faced with losing her company, her entire world, Luna searches for answers to a series of terrifying accusations. Failing to uncover the truth could destroy her company… but success would get her killed.

    Big Data is a fresh approach to the artificial intelligence sci-fi thriller. If you like fast-paced action, heart-stopping tension, and tech-filled worlds set in the near future, then you’ll love Lucas Carlson’s latest novel.

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