Clash of the Worlds (House of Secrets, #3) By Chris Columbus

    Мина повече от година и половина откакто за последно споделях приключенията на Кордилия, Елинор и Брендан. Трите деца пътуваха отвъд пределите на времето и пространството, изправяха се пред капаните на окултния си враг Денвър Кристоф и се сражаваха с неговата наследница, Ветрената вещица. Какво ли ги очаква сега? За трети пореден път и с голямо удоволствие прекрачвам прага на „Къщата на тайните” на Крис Кълъмбъс и покойния Нед Визини. Този път редом с тези две имена на корицата присъства и Крис Райландър, който е ударил креативно рамо в кулминацията на трилогията. Самата Дж. К. Роулинг се изказва доста ласкаво за „Къщата на тайните 3: Сблъсък на световете” (изд. „Сиела”), чийто създател Крис Кълъмбъс е отговорен за екранизациите на първите два от романите за Хари Потър. А дали и аз ще споделя мнението на Роулинг? Прочетете ревюто на Книжни Криле: English

    House of Secrets: Clash of the Worlds now has a cover and synopsis. And see who joined in the duo writers to complete this series!

    House of Secrets: Clash of the Worlds by Chris Columbus, Ned Vizzini and Chris Rylander

    Just when the Walker kids thought life would finally go back to normal, they realize their adventures are far from over. They’ll encounter dinosaurs, aliens, killer robots, and the Wind Witch herself—with new friends and old—and be faced with some of the deadliest choices they’ll ever have to make. The scariest thing of all could be deciding who to trust, since everyone is hiding something...

    English I started this series a long time ago, and I thought it was amazing. I thought it was such an interesting concept, a house that transported kids to different worlds. The characters were the best. It was so amazing that I read the first two books. Silly me.

    Now: I couldn't get past the first ten chapters. The characters were awful. I've seen at least three other books with the same concept.

    First off, the first paragraph of the description alone should turn you away:
    With their last adventure just barely over, the Walker kids thought life would finally return to normal. But things don't remain calm for long... especially when the colossus Fat Jagger turns up in San Francisco Bay - and he's in danger!
    ...Did they have to add the exclamation mark?

    You know what I hate? Forced nicknames. The three main characters are the Walker siblings Cordelia, Brendan, and Eleanor, in that order. Here's an example conversation:
    All right, Nell [Eleanor], let's go!
    Ok, Bren [Brendan]!
    Wait, Bren, we can't go yet.
    Why not, Deal [Cordelia]?
    Because it's not safe, Bren.
    Why don't I just go by myself, Deal?
    No, Nell, of course not!
    ...You see what I mean? Deal? Nell? Bren, I can get, but the other two? No.

    This is what really made me stop reading, though. At one point, early in the book (don't worry, I won't have any spoilers), Brendan wakes up Cordelia in the middle of the night to tell her something important. When she first wakes up, she says something to the effect of, Oh, this beter not be a bunch of toenail clippings again. It then goes on to say:
    A few years ago, Brendan had told Cordelia he had something extremely urgent an awesome to show her. He'd sold it so well he even managed to get her to pay a one-dollar entry fee to get into his room. Then he'd proudly shown her a collection of toenail clippings that he'd arranged into the phrase Cordelia = Nerd across his desk.

    Honestly, I would have just quit it completely right then and there, but I suddenly remembered a character that I really liked from previous books, Will Draper. So, I just skimmed through the book to find his name and see what happened. I won't give any spoilers, but let's just say I wasn't satisfied.

    The only reason I didn't give this book a one is because I thought that it would be a great book for younger kids. So, in conclusion, that's who should read it. English Great end to a great series. English 5 starts✨
    I grew up with this trilogy actually and it made these last 2 years literally astounding for me. Brendan, Cordelia and Eleanor are 3 diff brothers, with diff perspectives and mindsets and in some way they complete eachother and I remarked that from the first book of the series. In the last of it, their bond, their values and everything that made them who they thought they were, were tested and besides being a journey for saving the world, this book was their journey to find a diff part of themselves. Cordelia's leadership spirit was tested, Brendan's confidence in his strength and Eleanor's heart. Literally the things that made them always so special. I love watching in my books character developments and I really was impressed by the attention that was given by the author to express those internal conflicts in parallel with the action.In not a lot of books I saw this attention for the free indirect style. I felt like everything was so balanced and I got to know the deepest parts of these characters that maybe werent really shown in the first 2 books.For sure, those psychology conflicts made me open the book since early morning and cultivated my interest for it so so much. Why? Cuz I really was fascinated by the analyze and the connections that the author did to build for us the characters' emotions and it was so easy to understand their actions like that.
    I wanna talk ab the fiction from the book and its like the author always finds a way to surprise me somehow. Every book of the character Denver Kristoff had something special, made me sobbed sometimes or pretty scared or wanting to knock my head against a wall thats right. Those books are diff visions of Chris Columbus after all and in this series he combines small parts from the fiction universe, making a new world which exists separated by our world. And I loved every part of it, those glorious adventures, those pure emotions, the way that every book of Denver was built, those last minute radical changes, when u didnt see at all a way out but nooo Chris always finds one and my respect for his imagination. Would he mind give it to me sometimes? :))
    Also this is more of a personal wish but I really loved that we got to see Will one more time I meannn I wanted for him to show up jsjwjdjwdjje, but still I think that we needed some more screentime there because he was an important character in my opinion. I still cant believe that ahhh him and Cordelia are not endgame but u know what for me they will always be :)).
    Resuming a little what I said, this trilogy carries my childhood and it made it so much better. With it, my imagination could discover so many new horizons and yeah I learnt that its always a way out, that u need to sacrifice something sometimes even if its hard and also that nothing can break a strong family. This is my goodbye to this series and I want to say thank u for entering my life once again.U made it so much better :D English

    This year, I have a goal of trying to complete most of the series I've started, and never finished throughout the years. Due to that, I decided to finally finish the House of Secrets trilogy. I picked up the final book, Clash of the Worlds, and thought it was a great ending to the trilogy.

    At first, Clash of the Worlds got off to a slow start. The first fifty pages or so were incredibly boring. I found myself wanting to put the book down, and struggling to get through it. I'm glad I didn't put it down though because after that, the book's plot picked up, and became the fast paced whirlwind that I've come to know and love from Christopher Columbus, and Ned Vizzini. There were several times, especially towards the end, where I found myself biting my nails, wondering how the kids were going to get through the mess they found themselves in. There were also times where I felt like the authors were tearing apart my heartstrings, putting them back together again, only to rip them out again later in the book.

    I loved all of the characters in Clash of the Worlds. I was happy that some of my favorite characters returned, even if it was only briefly. I wasn't expecting a couple of them to show up at all in the book, so it was a pleasant surprise when they did. I was also impressed with the character growth in this book. Looking from the first book to this last one, the characters have matured so much that the reader would think they are entirely different characters. My favorite character will always be Fat Jagger. I loved that we got to see so much of him in this book, and that he played a pivitol role.

    Even though I didn't like the first book in this trilogy, House of Secrets has become one of my favorite series. I thought that the ending of the trilogy was really good. I hope that Chris Columbus eventually turns this trilogy into a movie, or tv show because he is a wonderful director, and I would love to see his vision for his own book. I recommend Clash of the Worlds to kids and adults that are looking for a fast paced thrill ride. English I am so disappointed with this book! I know this book series was meant for middle graders but I felt like I had to finish it. The first two books were amazing and I would definitely read them again but the last book felt to rushed and too all over the place. AND the worst part was that there was no Will!!!! (If you haven't read the first two books, William Draper was the main protagonists friend and was there throughout the whole trip and had a crush on Cordelia Walker) I read the whole book expecting to see him in it! Will and Cordelia are my otp.

    Can we start a petition for a new YA arc so that Will and Cordelia can get together????? English An amazingly conclusion to marvelous little Trilogy about Secret Power of Books, Adventures, Heroism, Loyalty and Family Love.

    I can see it Epic Trilogy of Movies, mixing Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and much more Medieval revolutions, Fantastic Giant Beasts forests, World War(s) heroes & crazy Robotic Nazis, Aliens, Romans Gladiators and crazy Emperors, Snow Beasts and Tibet Monks, With real life different ages, resourceful Siblings in a family adventure battling in a Victorian magical House,

    House of a creepy cultic Novels Author.
    With this crazy Ending where his Books World Clashes with San Francisco, in the Real life World.

    Nope, it's not as I expected, with darker shades of Masonic Theme -the Bohemian Club mentioned in first book for the God's sake- yet it went totally Fantastical Clash. Thrilling, fast paced. Fun lines as usual and new different characters, with some surprisingly re -appearance of Book One characters, -yet alas the very cut off an important character of both Book one and two.

    Anyway, more detailed review coming, complete with photos.
    JUST give this trilogy a try.. u won't regret it if you believe in The Secret Power of The Novels World...

    Mohammed Arabey
    from 11 Nov, 2016
    to 16 Nov. 2016 English Ugh.
    I just can't give this book more than 4 stars. The first two were really good, and I had so much hope for this book. But it felt too forced and far fetched. They had SO many possibilities for the three books they got thrown into. And they picked the worst. Like, the whole alien thing was cheesy.

    But, I mean, it wasn't the fault of the characters, and to be quite frank, I think it was the fault of Chris Rylander. None of these things that I didn't like in this book were in the first two, or if they were, just barely, and it wasn't enough to be a big deal. But the way this book was written was just...*facepalmfacepalmfacepalm*

    I'm so mad right now. English I did not expected to be such a good series💜💜💜loved it!! English

    The third and final book in the epic HOUSE OF SECRETS series. Get ready for another roller coaster ride of an adventure!

    Just when the Walker kids thought life would finally go back to normal, they realize their adventures are far from over. They’ll encounter dinosaurs, aliens, killer robots, and the Wind Witch herself—with new friends and old—and be faced with some of the deadliest choices they’ll ever have to make. The scariest thing of all could be deciding who to trust, since everyone is hiding something... Clash of the Worlds (House of Secrets, #3)

    Chris Columbus ✓ 7 summary