Collecting Fluorescent Minerals By Stuart Schneider


    Well thought through with good photos. Only problem is that it is based on USA market. recommended for novices who want to explore this area. Royal air force Purchased as a gift for my Rock collector husband, He loves it! very detailed and helpful in identifying things he is unsure of. It is currently opened on a chair in his newly designed rock room. Very happy he was so pleased. Great gift idea for your rock hounds. Royal air force I bought the book for my husband. We have a growing collection of rocks, including many fluorescent ones that we didn't know much about. For Christmas, I bought him a dual wavelength UV light and this book was for Valentines Day. Now he can look at, photograph and Royal air force Had some unknown minerals. This helped me identify them. Royal air force Super book, very comprehensive/ thorough and one of those unique, one of a kind books that is really thoroughly researched and dovetails nicely with my other books on minerals. Lots of colour photographs saved me having to go to the Natural History Museum! Royal air force

    I found that 85%+ of this 208 page 8 ½ x 11 book was pictures of minerals with/without fluorescent lighting. But the other 15% was excellent guidance for a beginner and, best of all, he steers you to the makers of the expensive short wave ultraviolet lights and gives Royal air force Georgeous pictures! High quality paper, excellent photo pairs so the reader can see what the specimen looks like in both natural and UV light. Book is well laid out and not in too technical a languageboth advanced collector and beginner will enjoy this book! Royal air force 1 review of uv light ok2 review of uv lights not helpful at all3 review of uv rocks very niceNow need review of high end lights Royal air force Pictures are fairly decent and somewhat accurate. A few obvious PhotoShop jobs to make up for the author's inability to take quality fluorescent photos. Moreover, the text has factual and spelling errors that number in the hundreds {at my last count}. I occasionally Royal air force Great introduction to the hobby. Royal air force

    Seeing fluorescent minerals up close for the first time is an exciting experience. The colors are so pure and the glow is so seemingly unnatural, that it is hard to believe they are natural rocks. Hundreds of glowing minerals are shown, including Aragonite, Celestine, Feldspar, Microcline, Picropharmacolite, Quartz, Spinel, Smithsonite, plus many. But don't let the hard to pronounce names keep you away. Over 870 beautiful color photographs illustrate how fluorescent minerals look under UV light and in daylight, making this an invaluable field guide. Here are minerals from the United States, including mines in New Jersey, New York, Arizona, and California, as well as beautiful and unusual minerals from Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Italy, Sweden, and other places. Included are values, a comprehensive resources section, plus helpful advice on caring for, collecting, and displaying minerals. The field of collecting fluorescent minerals is relatively new and this is one of the most complete references available. Collecting Fluorescent Minerals

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