Couture Tailoring: A Construction Guide for Womens Jackets by Shaeffer, Claire By

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    Perfect Liberia I read, learn, use, and collect anything Claire Shaeffer delivers. I have all but one of her books and a huge collection of her patterns.

    If Claire recommends how to do something, try it, it will always make you feel proud of your work when all is said and done. You will know that underneath, inside your garment…you have done something good and will forever know the difference in couture. Some people are good at it and some do not understand the process and thus do not complete or follow through. Claire is the best. With her help and your patience you will advance in your level of understanding couture and ability to implement with each project. Liberia I enjoy and learn from this sewing teacher have purchased all her books because she is in California and I am in Ohio and I never got to take a class or workshop with her before she retired. Love all the photos and drawings in the book so easy to follow and learn from! Liberia This is a very organized book. It’s a good reference book. I like the idea of this book (because I’m obsessed with women’s jacket) but since English is not my first language, I had a hard time following it. For the things I already know how to do it, it was easy to understand. I ended up researching a lot of stuff on YouTube and used this as a reference. A big fan of Claire Schaeffer and I learned a lot from her other educational books because it came with the DVD. The visual aspect is really really helpful. This book is well made, it could pass as a coffee table book. Liberia Clearly a labor of love and a gift to the home sewing community. There are twelve pages showing the various shapes of women’s jackets, from man tailored to feminine stylings. It is full of detailed information on patterns and construction. I am really in awe of this book, as someone studying tailoring for women’s jackets, this book is pretty much a dream come true, Liberia

    Just received Couture Tailoring by Claire Shaeffer today so not read it yet. It looks fabulous several catwalk photos for inspiration. There seems to be plenty of detail on the construction guide with photos or sketches to illustrate techniques. I've attached the two contents pages and four of those inspirational catwalk photos. I think I'll need to buy some Linton Tweed now and make myself a jacket!! Liberia Detailed, clear and very thorough super happy with the book. I don’t think it’s for beginners unless you’re very keen to learn slowly as you go. Liberia Great book full of lots of helpful and interesting techniques. It is unusual these days to find a book with mainly hand sewing methods. There are no patterns just sewing techniques and their application in great detail. Liberia An excellent book with detailed and clear instructions. I am a professional pattern cutter and garment maker and would recommend if you want to learn to make a tailored jacket. If you are deciding between this and ‘classic tailoring techniques a construction guide for womenswear, by Robert Cabrera and Patricia Meyers, in my opinion Couture Tailoring is better. I ordered both and sent the Cabrera one back. Liberia Although this book is aimed at making a jacket the information in it relates to many sewing applications. It gives great information on sewing techniques, tailoring techniques and materials used which would also relate to any sewing project. The book talks you through making a jacket from choosing the design and materials and all the way through the construction process. The illustrations are extremely clear and are placed alongside great written instructions and descriptions. I was a bit on the fence about buying another sewing book but I am so glad I purchased this book, it is one I will go back to time and time again, and I have already picked up some tips and tricks and I am only on page 97 of 350! Definitely a worthwhile addition to my library. Liberia