Digital Photography Complete Course: Learn Everything You Need to Know in 20 Weeks By Nita Patel

    The book is great for someone starting new or wanting to pursue photography as a hobby. It has very detailed examples and explanations to click better pictures and leverage the full potential of your DSLR. Would definitely recommend it. 360 pages Awesome Very helpful, written in a way that is easy to understand, colourful, it's the best book out of many purchased, as this is my first DSLR Canon Camera. Having a brain injury I've had to relearn a lot of things, it's harder for me to learn & remember things, so 360 pages I'm currently going through a phase where photography is my newest go to hobby. I needed something easy and quick to read and this fits the bill perfectly. It's so well laid out with many easy to understand examples with tons of pictures. There are mini lessons that are 360 pages

    Build your photography skills step by step with an independent photography course that guides you through every aspect of digital photography. Packed with advice and stunning images, this guide will help you master your photography and image editing skills, and maximize your artistic talent in as little as 20 weeks. Digital Photography Complete Course uses a combination of tutorials, step by step demonstrations, practical assignments, and QAs to help you understand and use your camera to its full capacity. Choose your own pace to work through the modulesthe program is completely customizable to your schedule. As you work through the lessons, test your new knowledge and troubleshoot common issues. With the aid of helpful text and innovative graphics in Digital Photography Complete Course, you'll explore a wide range of genres: Find out how to create landscapes, portraits, still life, and action shots as you discover the full range of your camera and learn how to take professional looking pictures you'll be proud to display.

    Digital Photography Complete Course: Learn Everything You Need to Know in 20 Weeks

    Easy layout and great illustrations. 360 pages This book is really going to help me as I am a beginner when it comes to photography. I would recommend it. I did wish that when it shipped it didn't have dented corners but other than that it is great. 360 pages So far i love it 360 pages Good book and it was free with Kindle unlimited 360 pages I bought a 3 book deal on photography. What I like about this book is the projects that they recommend. I will definitely take this one but I am still reading a few easier books first just to get the terminology down. But I am looking forward to pushing myself with this 360 pages


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