Do You Wonder About Rain Snow Sleet and Hail By T. Albert

    Very interesting and informative. Kindle Edition I saw a pic in the book showing a caveman besides a dinosour and the pyramids!
    How come? When a kid sees such a pic it's gonna confuse him. He will think that dinosours , caveman, and the pyramids are all in the same age so the author tried to give kids information about water cycle and the illustrator confused them. Kindle Edition Text-to-Teaching Connection

    Regarding my first book for Good Reads Books connections, I choose ''Do you wonder about rain, snow, sleet, and hail. This is a great way to start off an introduction for science. The students can gather information from the classroom reading to engage in a project. Specifically, the book focused on the Water cycle. The Water cycle is made up of four things, evaporation; condensation; precipitation; collection. The students are allowed to gather information from that book and any other resources provided to collect data from their project. The project can be in a PowerPoint, bulletin or story and illustration format. Kindle Edition

    Science has never been so much fun. All that a child needs to know about water, rain, hail, sleet and water cycle. When Professor Mois Ture teaches- little readers read, learn and ask for more….. Do You Wonder About Rain Snow Sleet and Hail


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