Downright Delinquents. By L. Jackson

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    Hayley Larson is the girl everyone wants to be. She is a model, has amazing friends, and has a perfect life. All of this is until her father is brutally murdered. Her perfect life spins out of control and she still hasn't picked up the pieces, which is why she is sent to Downright High, the school for delinquents. Here, Hayley finds herself in a mixture of trouble, ranging from enemies, fights, riots to even falling in love. Will Hayley end up getting her life back on track or will this school end her, once and for all? Downright Delinquents.

    Good realistic YA story. I remembered some kids from my childhood who were so troubled. They hate their parents. They hate the teachers. They only find comfort in friends and the same age group but trouble always find them. I’m glad they listened to my advice to straighten their life. I hope they’re doing great now. Downright Delinquents. I really enjoyed this book - read it within a day. Originally started reading it on Wattpad so when it finally came out I was excited. Loved the ending, you got to know the main characters quite well. The only thing I didn't enjoy was how every time Hayley got drunk she ended up either sleeping with someone or nearly sleeping with someone.
    I don't think you can connect enough emotionally with this book - even though I liked the characters I wasn't able to feel sad when they were or happy when they were. However, overall I liked the book a lot and looking forward if Lauren decides to write anymore. Downright Delinquents. 3.5 stars

    This was a super fun book to read on Wattpad. Took me twice as long to read because I was too busy reading the comments. Apparently his book was written when the author was 16. I have to say I’m super impressed. It obviously has flaws and I prob wouldn’t have read it if not for it being free on Wattpad, but it was a really good start to a writing career and smart to put it on Wattpad to get feedback from readers. Downright Delinquents. I loved this book
    This book is amazing . Male and female leads both have problems with their past and are NOT perfect but PERFECT for each other . I am very sensitive towards cliche plot where guy cheats or let his ex hoes walk all-over heroine or still in blindly love with his ex who is bitch so this book was Fresh and Perfect for me . This story deals with both of their emotions and the things they both have gone through makes them understand each other and only they can understand why that person did that yes they both act on impulse but they don't do anything reckless which can ruin their relationship like in other books when guy is hurt or misunderstand something he straight goes to his fuck buddy and the lead heroine forgives him smh I hate those stories . But here they do things you can say yes there is that particular reason behind it . Both of their mistakes , stubbornness, silliness and cold behaviour can be justified . As on comments I've seen reader commenting that bitchy things about female lead BUT I fully understand and support her whatever she does there is reason and even if she does something wrong it's because of her personality and her short tempered behaviour but so is male lead short tempered . Trust me it's not like opposites attract type of book the leads have Kind of same personality and the way they deal with situations they are conflicting Fires both are fires and they act mature than other leads we came across . This book is one of those book which directy made place on my Forever favourites reading list . THIS BOOK IS AMAZING ❤️ Downright Delinquents. 5 stars for the Chapters app version. Downright Delinquents.

    Their love story is so perfect, perfectly balanced between good and bad. Their life is not easy, but they did it better together. A perfectly imperfect true love story. One of my favorite books. Downright Delinquents.