Emily the Strange (Emily the Strange Graphic Novels, #1) By Rob Reger

    Emily may be odd, but she always gets even! Meet Emily, the peculiar soul with long black hair, a wit of fire, and a posse of slightly sinister black cats. Famous for her barbed commentary and independent spirit, this rebel-child in black has spawned an Internet and merchandising phenomenon (Emily's Web site gets 35,000 hits per month!). Emily the Strange, her first book, captures the quintessential Emily, featuring her most beloved quips and a host of new ones. Anarchist, heroine, survivor, this little girl with a big personality appeals to the odd child in us all. Emily the Strange (Emily the Strange Graphic Novels, #1)


    I definitely did not expect this. I thought the Emily the Strange series consisted of stories. Despite the brevity of the book, there is a lot of substance, with some profound one-liners - my favorite: Emily doesn't make imaginary friends...she creates imaginary enemies. They remind me of Chuck Norris quotes - Chuck Norris doesn't have a watch - HE decides the time. Emily the Strange is the new Chuck Norris.

    The pictures were very bright and vivid. It's a great coffee-table book. I can see why this is a cult favorite, and I'm very curious to see how this translates into a major motion picture.

    Hardcover Not what I expected. I thought this story was for young children to confront their fears and embrace their insecurities. However, I was wrong! This book relishes in promoting bad attitudes and behavior. Boo!!!! The graphics are nice consequently the one star -- not my taste! Hardcover I liked the premise and I believe it could be a true bestseller if the creators had given the first book a decided plot rather than a day in the life of Emily Strange type of design.

    I could really grow to love this character but, she needs a clear destiny to capture my heart.

    Devlin Hardcover I don't know what the hype is about, I love weird, I love dark, I love bloody. I don't love immature writing, I don't love plotless stupidity, I don't love Emily. I found myself WANTING to like her, hoping she was a Johnny the Homicidal maniac type. She is not. Son I am disappoint Hardcover Fun, quirky, and a bit fierce, Emily is one young lady that knows who she is and does not bend to popular opinion. Kind of a bit like Grumpy Cat in human form. The black, white, and red illustrations are dramatic and used very effectively. Overall, it's an entertaining, fast read.

    interesting quotes:

    Emily isn't lazy...she's just happy doing nothing. (pp. 12-13)

    Emily may be odd...but she always gets even. (pp. 28-30) Hardcover

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    Beh... Niente di mio gradimento.

    Questo è stato classificato come fumetto ma, in realtà, si tratta di una serie di - come chiamarle... vignette? - che descrivono un aspetto di Emily. Insipido, magari più adatto a un'adolescente con tanti problemi di autostima.

    Già dimenticato. Hardcover zbyt edgy, ale uwielbiam rysunki Hardcover mi infancia mi infancia 💓💓💓 Hardcover