Jackie's Girl: My Life with the Kennedy Family By Kathy McKeon

    Always been interested in the Kennedy family, this was a different view from a member of Mrs Kennedy's staff ,enjoyed reading this lady's book. 978-1982110604 A lot of the material I'd read before obviously since so many books have been written about Jackie Kennedy. However, it was very interesting to read about the background to her getting the job in the Kennedy household,.her early life in Ireland and the fact that she kept in touch with the Kennedy family in later years. There was obviously a close bond between them. 978-1982110604 Seen up close by her children's Irish Nanny, Mrs Kennedy Onassis as a real person. Lovely read
    of two lovely women. 978-1982110604 The book istelf it is a nice story of simple girl working for such strong woman. Loved personal stories of the author and the way book is written. There is no place for rumors, just nice story to be told including some of the most shocking events that changed history. 978-1982110604

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    Kathy is a great storyteller!
    Jackie’s Girl is an easy read as she draws you in with her genuine innocence and sense of humor. If your goal is to ‘mine’ for Kennedy gossip you are sadly missing the over arching theme of two women, from extremely different backgrounds, deeply connecting over mutual experiences of tragedy, isolation, and aloneness. She weaves together the stories of her life with Jackie in a manner that makes you feel the connection between Kathy and Jackie as it grows over time. This book is about a life changing experience, its about human connection despite extremely different world experiences…its about a relationship that only becomes significant for those taking the time to think and reflect on how an individual can come into our lives and dramatically influence who we are. We are all human, and we can all relate to the moments when we hide in the pantry eating a loaf of Wonder Bread or finish a pint of Ice Cream from the container with a giant serving spoon. A beautiful story that will make you laugh and cry all at the same time. Add it to your Summer reading list! 978-1982110604 Of all the books I've read by people who actually knew Jacqueline Kennedy or her children (John in particular), this one is quite possibly my favorite. It's a very well written account of what it was like to be a young Irish immigrant, born and raised in humble circumstances (i.e. poor as a crow), new to America and thrust into one of the most auspicious positions anyone could've found themselves in at that time in our country's history.

    It's also refreshingly honest. Lots of people have handed themselves over in service to various Kennedys over the years, either via friendship or employment, without ever realizing how much of their own lives they were willing to sacrifice in exchange for the privilege. (See Fairy Tale Interrupted written by John Jr.'s secretary/personal assistant at George Magazine, RoseMarie Terenzio, as a prime example. Like many of her fellow acolytes, Terenzio didn't just work for a Kennedy; eventually her entire life revolved around his without so much as a second thought and likely still would be if he was with us today, God rest him.) Most fascinating to me is how special most of them think they are for being allowed to become such loyal soldiers and just how pitiful anyone else who isn't them must be, including those in lesser positions of importance in the ranks.

    McKeon was not one of these people.

    She worked hard for her employers and gave them a lot of her free time, but she worked just as hard to become her own person living her own life. She developed real affection for and close relationships with them, understood and respected their importance, and admired them as much as the next person, but importantly she learned to value herself enough not to allow them to take advantage of her, something people like the Kennedys become so accustomed to doing it's as natural as breathing to them.

    In that regard, McKeon's years with the family is as much a coming of age story as anything else. She grew up, got a life and family of her own, and one gets the profound sense that that is how it should be. And she pulls no punches, giving both loving praise to and no nonsense portrayals of the people she came to know, some of them less affectionately than others but with goodwill and a lot of humor.

    In short, they couldn't have been luckier to have one another, and one gains a respect for all of them for their knowing it.

    My heartfelt thanks to Mrs. McKeon for sharing her story with us. 978-1982110604 This book arrived yesterday, and I have almost compelted it in one sitting. It is effortless to read and engaging from the very first page. The writer tells her personal life story growing up very poor, but happy in Ireland, as well as leading the reader through her transition from Ireland to New York City to work for the wealthy. The tale of her life with Jackie Kennedy and her children is mesmerizing. She paints Jackie as human, with flaws, but forgiving flaws, and a lot of love and grace. The most suprising thing I have found in this book is just how funny little John Kennedy Jr was as a child. More than once, I have doubled over in hysterical laughter reading her accounts of his michevious boyhood, and innocent sense of humor. Love love love this book!!! 978-1982110604 An interesting book. The author gives us the opportunity to see JBK at home and in private. She is kind, funny and warm, appreciative of the work her staff perform especially as the author began working for her less than a year after Dallas.
    I wasn’t very keen on the author she seemed to spend most of her time moaning about the tasks that were part and parcel of her job. The killer is reading that she “cut off” her pen friend from Northern Ireland because the woman kept writing to her!!!!!
    Work that one out if you can. 978-1982110604 Without ever having been a Kennedy groupie, or a groupie for any group or person frankly, I absolutely loved this book.
    Kathie came from Ireland from a farming family whose life was very like US farming families in the 1800's, where a horse was used to plow and water carried in buckets from the well. She and her sister stopped attending school to help with chores and with supporting the family. They were given the opportunity to go to the US by relatives already there, which they did. Her plan was to work til her family no longer needed the money she sent back to them and return, following the love for family and country which nothing in the US could supplant.
    The trajectory of her life, however, was destined to be remarkable one. She was hired as a personal assistant to the recently widowed Jacqueline Kennedy, and part time nanny to her children John and Caroline. She found herself at the periphery of many major historical events in the years that followed, always as herself. She was never awed or impressed by where she was or who she was around, but always observing, compassionate and full of laughter.
    She clearly had a lot of help writing this book, since she stated several times she didn't read well. It has elements of Upstairs Downstairs US style. She fills out the personalities of both children and Jacqueline Kennedy humanizing them completely. I am so glad she made and kept a commitment to get her life down on paper, it was such a pleasure to read. She did fall in love, and stayed in the US, making her peace with leaving Ireland. It was our gain. 978-1982110604


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