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    This is a great country map. Recommend having one if you get in remote areas with no cell / gps coverage. REMEMBER: Check with US State Department website about safe areas and dangerous areas in Mexico. This is not joke, Mexico has a lot to offer, but if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can get robbed or murdered. Be careful and do your research. Don't go to Acapulco or Copper Canyon Map We have traveled extensively and relied on National Geographic (NG) maps in the past with great success. However, this particular map of Mexico falls significantly short of our expectations from NG maps. On our recent journey to Mexico we traveled to Puerto Vallarta and north to Punta Mita. We found the map did not include villages of interest to us such as Litibu, Bocas de Tamatlan, beaches at Mismaloya, to name just a fewThese are locations that are of interest to folks that want to get off the beaten track and they were excluded from the map. Basically, the map ended up being pretty useless to us when desperately needed when driving our rental car without access to GPS. The bottom line is don't buy this map if you are counting on it to get you places of interest in Mexico. It's worthless in our humble opinion! Map The Nat'l Geo. maps are printed on a tyvek like paper so hold up very well and are waterproof.
    This is a very important to dummies like myself traveling by motorcycle.

    While I like the maps, on the cover is says revised regularly but this map was last revised in 2010 and is missing some of the major additions that Mexico has made to their highway infrastructure in the last 8 years. Map I was expecting to get a regular paper map and was fine paying the cost. When I got the map, I was impressed with the quality of the paper. It isn't exactly laminated, but it is very sturdy and water resistant. I'm using it to post on the wall and mark where my students came from. However, if I were hiking in Mexico, this map would be sturdy enough to get pushed in and out of a pack, laid on the damp ground, etc. I will definitely be purchasing maps from NatGeo again. Map Map is nice, but it's dated 2010. There is at least one new road that does not appear on the map (between Puerto Peñasco and Bahía Kino), which concerns me as I don't know what else is missing. That new road shows up on Google maps, so perhaps with a combination of online and paper, this will work. Otherwise, durable design and fairly easy to read. Map

    Waterproof Tear Resistant Travel MapWith its rich cultural history, numerous ecosystems and vast biodiversity, Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world. National Geographic's Mexico Adventure Map was created for adventure travelers with its unparalleled detailed and convenience. The north side of the map includes Tijuana and the Baja California peninsula, the Gulf of California and nearby parts of the U.S. with such cities of as El Paso, San Antonio and Dallas. The map's south side shows Mexico City, Acapulco, Guadalajara, Monterrey and the neighboring countries of Belize and Guatemala as well as the western half of Honduras.A user friendly index of states, cities and towns will help you quickly locate your destination. The clearly mapped road network, complete with distance markers and designations for limited access, toll and divided highways as well as secondary and other smaller roads, will help you plan your route. In addition to the content of traditional road maps, also displayed are hundreds of cultural, ecological, historical and recreational points of interest, including many that are outside of major tourist hubs. Some of these pinpointed places are national parks, nature reserves, monuments, fortresses, archeological sites, caves and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With such an abundance of specialized content, this map is the perfect compliment to any guidebook.Every Adventure Map is printed on durable synthetic paper, making them waterproof, tear resistant and tough capable of withstanding the rigors of international travel. Map Scale = 1:2,425,000Sheet Size = 37.75 x 25.5Folded Size = 4.25 x 9.25 Mexico (National Geographic Adventure Map, 3108)


    Water resistant and VERY durable. Lots of details. Good when you rent a car in Mexico Map I'll be travelling copper canyon by motorcycle, and this map just did not have the level of detail I needed. I've tried to find a detailed printed map of the area I'm looking for but not having luck. I thought this might be the ticket, but unfortunately it is all of mexico, and does not zoom in on the locations I need. Map I have traveled so much in Mexico I wanted to get a good map to put on a wall to map out where I've been. I bought 2, because the map is 2 sided. It covers a big wall. The paper is smooth, heavy and not too glossy making it easy to read. Map delivery fine, functionality as expected Map The Michelin map is much better. This map is pretty to look at, but detail is getting lost in the effort of making it look good. The Michelin cartographers are much better at showing information in a usable format. Map