Murder At Zero Hour By Paul Westwood

    1916. From the safety of America, William Grant watches helplessly as World War One rages in Europe. Desperate for adventure, the young man travels to Britain to try and join the army. After a harrowing journey, Grant is accepted into a newly-formed infantry regiment. He is posted to the front lines of France, where he must learn to survive the horrors of war. A popular captain is brutally killed, and all the evidence points to murder. Who in the regiment did the deed? With the help of his comrades, Grant must survive the Battle of the Somme and the evil intentions of an unknown murderer, all while trying to earn the love of a beautiful aristocratic nurse. Murder At Zero Hour


    Paul Westwood ✓ 2 Summary

    thought it was horrible at the beginning, but it turned out to be somewhat entertaining and it came together nicely in the end.. English KINDLE CLOUD English An interesting look at life in the trenches, with a twist at the end which I did not expect English

    I quite liked this book. It's a quick read and very interesting. The parts of it set in the trenches fascinated me. I liked that it was a gritty look at what these men had to endure. There was one line in particular that struck me as telling of the real attitudes of these boys - not the sugar coated and glorified version of the brave and selfless soldiers: anyone who talks of going bravely into battle has either never been in one or is a damned bloody fool. English I liked this for the setting and the characters, reads similar to late 20's books. Surprise twist ending is nice. English 2.5** English Though the start of the story was a bit slow, I was hooked by the idea that something had happened to the main character, only I didn't know what. I just had to keep reading to find out. I did have some initial confusion as to the time period of the story as it wasn't stated outright. But the description of the setting quickly drew me in. The detail of life in the trenches during World War I was very well done. I have read a lot of books set in war with battles and such and this was in my opinion as good a quality as any of those. The twist to the plot was super. I didn't see it coming at all. There were some minor grammar mistakes, misplaced words probably left from previous edits. This is really a great book that deserves more praise than it has gotten. A highly recommended read for anyone into historical fiction and mysteries. English i really enjoyed this WW1 novel. it often is the case that one feels that no more types of fictional work can be set round WW1 but this novel features a very different plot and angle on the WW1 setting. I thought the descriptions of the soldiers lives in the trenches was very good and the storyline about William unfolding as the novel progressed. I didnt expect the twist that came later revealing how William came to be injured and by whom. English