Obsessively Yours (Joe Ella, #1) By Nikki J. Summers

    For readers 18 years+ due to steamy sexual content.

    Once bitten, twice shy. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Only, this man looks like he wants to do more than just bite me. He’ll devour me whole, given half a chance. Trouble is, I don’t think I’ve got the willpower to stop him. Not when he’s looking at me like that, with those hypnotic grey eyes. He’s a God amongst men, but his desires are anything but Godly. He’s pure devil, wrapped in a designer suit.

    All good things come to those who wait, and boy have I waited a long time to find a woman like her. If she thinks I’ll let her walk away, she’s in for a surprise. She thinks I’m the spider to her fly, but she’s wrong. I’m the one caught in her web, and I’ve got no plans to break free.

    Following a chance encounter on the opening night of a new club in the city, Joe Madden sets his sights on the beautiful brunette with the fiery temper. The only problem is she’s had enough of bossy, overbearing men. So what do you do when the woman of your dreams won’t even give you the time of day? You get creative.
    Joe pulls out all the stops to get Ella to notice him and win her over. However, hidden forces are at play, working against Joe and his pursuit of a happy ever after.
    Is this perfect playboy everything he seems or are the smoke and mirrors covering a dangerous lie?

    This is an extended novel told in two parts, and it does end on a cliff hanger.
    Book two, ‘Forever Mine’ is the concluding part of Joe and Ella’s story and is available for download on Kindle Unlimited. Obsessively Yours (Joe Ella, #1)



    well @nikkijsummersauthor — I loved Joe and Ella. I loved them from the get go. When joe first approached Ella I was a bit like ‘sleeze’ BUT he soon redeemed himself. I loved the roses and their meanings. He was so smitten with her and it was just 😍. I can’t say too much as it will give it away but go and read it. Drama, angst, love, lust and sex. Can’t wait to read book two! Well done Nikki ♥️
    Nikki J. Summers This is the story of Joe and Ella. Joe is the loving, attentive, control freak. Ella is the somewhat naive, sweet runner. Ella works for a marketing agency and Joe is going to be her biggest client. Their attraction is fire. When things are heating up Joe’s past is butting into their relationships. You have vile women trying to ruin their relationship and people trying to get revenge. I loved this book even though at times, I wanted to throat punch a few of the characters. This is a very suspenseful read and I loved every minute of it. It keeps you on your toes, and you really see how ruthless people, truly are. You really need to check it out. Nikki J. Summers Nikki always writes such great drama! I am a huge fan of office romances & this one does not disappoint. I also love alpha jerks with a past that explains their behaviors. This was such an interesting read. Can’t wait to read the next installment because holy cliffhanger! Nikki J. Summers I've bought and devoured all of Nikki J Summers books since I discovered them and this was the last duet I had left to read so I was dying to jump in and find out Joe & Ella's story.
    I will say that the usual loaded flash the cash type hero isn't for me but with all the angst, drama and along with the othinial storyline this book had me flicking those pages as fast as I could get through the words!
    The relationship between these guys is not easy at all.. from the moment they met in nightclub to the minute the book ended there was a huge rollercoaster of twists and shocks leaving you wondering where the future would be for them both.
    I can say I kinda felt bad for Joe.. yes he wasn't honest but I just wanted to give him a hug at many points while reading.
    Straight into book 2 now for me to see whats next for this pair! Nikki J. Summers Something sinister is happening behind the scenes.

    Joe & Ella's relationship is the rockiest of rocky relationships. There are things in Joe's last that is tearing their love apart. Ella is insecure in herself due mostly to a past relationship. Hopefully their love will be wrong enough to withstand the harsh weather. Nikki J. Summers

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    WOW! I don't even know how to begin 😳 This was a wild rollercoaster of emotions, drama and excitement and not just a simple romance.
    It begins with drama and ends with a gigantic drama and heartbreak. This book is insane melodramatic, packed with so much excitement 😍 and (warning!) burning hot 🔥🔥🔥 that you can't stop reading.
    Definitely no HEA for this one, but an epic cliffhanger that promise one in the next part and leave you complete flabbergasted 🤯
    A story with so many conflicted emotions, that I didn't know if I should love or hate the characters.
    On the one hand we have a sweet girl, that tries to find her way in life after her long relationship that was a total disaster.
    On the other hand you have a man with so much baggage and secrets, but swoony worth behavior, that you just have to love him. And after I heard his story, I loved him and hated him at the same time, it has given me a very mixed feelings.
    They both made me constantly crazy. I don't know how many times I screamed at the characters 🤦🏻‍♀️ and cursed the author (sorry Nikki! 😬)
    This book has a very interesting, unique but also complicated topic, that lets you constantly question your own feelings.
    I was wondering, what would I do if I would be in their shoes? What if I would be in Ellas place?
    Ella was confronted with so much baggage of Joes past, that she didn't know if she can live with it or should let him go.
    Joe tries and fails to keep his past in the past, but like always with lies and secrets, they can't be hidden forever. The constant back and forth between the couple made me dizzy 🤦🏻‍♀️ Then add to the whole drama a danger from the outside, from Joes past and you have the whole situation escalate.
    I loved this book and enjoy it so much and can't wait for the second book in the series. Nikki J. Summers Good read...

    It had a 50 Shades feel to it, without all the kinkiness.. He was a strong over bearing alpha. She was more annoying than anything. Anytime anything from his past come up, she'd just run away. Girls talking about him, she'd run away. She stood up TO him in the beginning, why couldn't she stand up for him?! It's a good story and it flowed, but that ending! I gotta know what happens! Nikki J. Summers 4.5⭐ review

    Obsessively Yours is totally emotional story with a big age gap between characters; office romance and many high and lows between heroes.

    Ella is 24-year-old young woman that has been burned and betrayed in her long-lasting relationship. She continues to struggle to trust other men and to open her heart for new love.
    When Ella meets Joe, I could literally feel her attraction to him. He was “American God” in suit. Dark hair and grey sparkling eyes with plump lips, broad shoulders and tanned skin and when he spoke with his deep sexy voice and devilish smirk in arrogant manner, we were both sold.
    He was also a control freak and Alfa male who doesn't give up so easily in any matter.
    Joe was also carrying on his shoulders a huge baggage of his own past. 
    Two people trying to find each other in new relationship but their past doesn’t allow them to fully cherish a growing feeling in their hearts.

    It was a total rollercoaster with so many bumps, twist and turns that main heroes encountered on their road. Whole range of emotions pushed me further into this story and even if occasionally I was mad at Joe and Ella for their behavior, I wanted to see if they're going to find one another in their crazy up and down relationship.
    But there was a huge cliffhanger waiting for me at the end of book#1 where I was totally swept off my feet and desperately needed to start to read book#2 Forever Mine ASAP.
    I absolutely love this intensely  emotional romance story and spent really good time with Obsessively Yours book.
    Every time I read Nikki J Summers stories, her written words go straight to my heart and I love every single one of them. Doesn't matter if it's dark romance or sweet story like this one, she just enchanted me. And if her debiut book is that good, I'll read every single one story written by this author. Nikki J. Summers Amazing book.

    This is the first time I read a Nikki J. Summers book. I was pleased and impressed.
    I felt that the story was original and hot.

    In the beginning, I felt like Joe was way too controlling but as the story progressed I began to love him.

    Ella was sweet. She had been seriously hurt in a previous relationship and finds it hard to trust men.

    When Ella and Joe meet, their attraction sizzles trough the pages and you can feel it. Then the romance begins its a rollercoaster of emotions, twists and turns that will keep you entertained.

    Their relationship is rocky, though. There vile people trying to break them up.

    The book does end on a cliffy but thankfully book 2 is out.

    Such a good story with such great characters. Nikki J. Summers He starts off as a bit of a creepy a$$hole alpha, but give him chance, he redeems himself & then some. As for Ella, she has a lot to learn about a man like Joe. That’s the fun part! Taming the beast ;-)


    Nikki J. Summers