Pakistan: Political Roots and Development 1947-1999 By Safdar Mahmood


    The book undertakes an objective review of Pakistan's troubled political history, analyzing the major events, important leaders, institutions, and political and social processes. The discussion includes the major internal and external factors that have shaped the political process. A comprehensive book on the political history of Pakistan from 1947-1999, the book offers rich insight into Pakistan's foreign policy since independence. Pakistan: Political Roots and Development 1947-1999

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    I felt that writer tried to cover and explain many aspects concisely, but not always successful. So it seems some what superficial, particularly in the chapter of Foreign Affairs which sometimes sound like PTV News. But there are definitely some good paragraphs in this book which worth reading. 9780195793734 I want to read this book because i need this book for the preparation of exams so plz kindly give me this book thankx
    9780195793734 Objective politics landscape and roots, seems so. 9780195793734