Pocket Genius: Elements By D.K. Publishing


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    Find out about all 118 elements, the building blocks of matter that make up our entire universe, in this pocket-sized encyclopedia.

    Discover all the major elements of the periodic table, arranged in chapters according to their group, including alkaline earth metals, lanthanides, and noble gases. Every important element - from hydrogen via carbon, oxygen, and gold to oganesson (that's element number 118) - is presented here.

    Every entry includes a photo of the element in its raw state or in use, as well as its date of discovery and atomic information as found on the periodic table. Plus here are stunning full-page photos showing elements as you have never seen them before - perhaps inside machinery that you can't normally delve into; or in stunning macro photography that reveals microscopic details invisible to the human eye.

    The Pocket Eyewitness series is perfect for all children, from reluctant readers who can easily digest the key points through to budding Marie Curies and Louis Pasteurs who want to know more about the most essential particles on the planet. Pocket Genius: Elements

    This series of pocket books by DK are wonderful!

    They are insightful for beginners, young ones, or just wanting a refresh.

    This one on elements was great. It included the origin of the names and when/where each element were discovered. 160