Power Pendant (Magical Creatures Academy: Next Level, #5) By Lucia Ashta

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    Phenomenal! Lucia blazes through on the wings of fire, ratcheting up the heat and flames, bringing the magic and riding the winds, pushing this little gem into the eye of the storm, blasting it into a tailspin with a startling culmination. A churning vortex chocked full of unforseen mishaps and unintentional events, catapulting those swirling emotions into play front and center. Lucia forges full speed ahead in this ass kicking, chart topping, mind-blowing, prize winning, block busting, masterpiece. Meting out incredible, well rounded scenario's, ramping up the adrenaline and exuberance with such intensity and precision, blasting this little fella to life spectacularly. The characters are authentic and original with qualities and traits that transform into outstanding personalities. Bumbling through the trials and tribulations, along with a slew of shocking twists and unexpected turns, tempting our characters in ways they could have never anticipated. Add magic, undercurrents and perplexing situations along with a boatload of trouble while dodging dastardly deeds, makes for one thrilling adventure. The scenes are strikingly sharp with abundant details and colorful descriptions so rich and lively, they blend and flow smoothly. Remarkable job Lucia, thanks for sharing this little gem with us. Kindle Edition The Details:
    - NA/18+/Upper YA
    - 2nd in Magical Creatures:Next Level Trilogy
    - Urban Fantasy/Fantasy
    -Sassy, feisty heroine that'll make you laugh til you cry
    - Addictive Read
    - Cliffhanger Ending

    From the introduction of Jas's character in Night Shifter, I was intrigued by her and wanted to know more about her. Power Streak gave me that and more; it firmly cemented my adoration of Jas's character, she's totally a girl after my own heart.
    We share the same snarky attitude and similar dress sense and I love Betty Boop.
    I couldn't wait to read Power Pendant and was absolutely thrilled to receive an arc of it, so the wait, for me, at least, was over.
    This book is filled with moments that made me laugh, cry and sigh - and I definitely thought Aww! a time or two when Jas was interacting with Ky.
    Now the wait for the release of Power Shifter and the conclusion of Jas's story begins. Needless to say, I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

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    Kindle Edition This is another fab adventure filled with action, magic, sexy shifters, fae and one sassy female mc! A great storyline with some great characters and twists and turns you will not see coming making this an enjoyable and intriguing read! Kindle Edition I think this is the most enjoyable book of Ashta’s so far. The naivety and innocence of Rina and Selene is gone and I wholeheartedly embrace the vulgarity and crudeness of Jasmine. The lack of colorful language and sex in her other books was a bit of a deterrent for me. This one doesn’t have sex scenes per se, but there are plenty of racy comments.
    The book is a quick read, but enjoyable. There are less times of confusion for me than some of her other books, and less times where there are large gaps of time where she’s recapping what little has happened. And the book doesn’t even cover the full school year which I think is almost welcome because you’re able to focus on the action than trying to drag it out a year. There is a lot more focus on Jasmine and not a lot on her friends, but there is a lot going on so the side-chatter isn’t really missed.
    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this action-packed installment of the Magical Creatures Academy and cannot wait to read more! Kindle Edition Winning

    I can't even Imagine How this story is going to go.Just when you think you understand what's going on there is another element of surprise.I can't believe that through the whole book we still are left with so many answers.All our favorite characters are back For this epic story.I am waiting unpatiently for the next book. Kindle Edition

    New rule: When you find a shiny, pretty necklace, do not put it on.
    Jas has long known about magical objects. She just never thought the pendant her summer fling left behind would be one.

    Now Jas has to figure out how to master her pendant … before it masters her.

    *** Jas will take you on a wild ride filled with loads of magic, sizzling adventure, sexy shifters and fae, and enough spunk to leave you wanting more.

    *** Power Object is best read as book 5 of the Magical Creatures Academy. However, Jas’ trilogy can also be read as a standalone series.

    *** Jas embraces her wild side. This series is recommended for ages 16 and up due to language and sexual situations.
    Power Pendant (Magical Creatures Academy: Next Level, #5)


    Magical Creatures Academy 5: Next Level ~ Power Pendant

    OMG 😳!!! Just when you think Jas has things figured out....No Way! I 💕 love 💕 the book, I laughed really hard at some parts, woke my husband up, lol 😂 , definitely love the Pandacorns!!!!

    This book is a page turner and before I knew it, it was 1 am and I had to get up for work at 5, when will I ever learn not to finish a book and go to the next thinking 🤔 I’m only going to read only a couple of chapters… I can't wait to see what trouble Jaz gets into next!

    Definitely recommend this book and series….❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Kindle Edition Jas really struggles with the out of control pendant.

    I am so glad my mom is nothing like Jas'! That woman would make me an alcoholic. Or come up with spells to change her, oh why hasn't Jas thought of that? It worked on Mr. Whittle. She's worse than the new character Eloise. Jas was able to do one really cool thing with the pendant. Maybe 2 if Eloise had cooperated more. However, Jas should have spent more time trying to master that pendant. Loved the ending!!! Can't wait for the next. Kindle Edition Next Level - Power Pendant is Book 5 in the Magical Creatures Academy by Lucia Ashta. This is another phenomenal addition to this series. Jas has been gifted with a magical pendant by an elf who was her summer fling. She soon discovers she needs to master the pendant's magic as it is draining her powers. Lucia has create such wonderful characters with striking personalities that bring them to life for the reader, especially the pandacorn. This is a fast paced, page turning, action packed thrill ride with twist and turns you don't see coming. I highly recommend this book and series. Anxious to see what's coming next. Received an ARC and this is my voluntary and honest review. Kindle Edition I voluntarily review an ARC.
    This is the second book of of the second set of books in the Magical Creatures Academy series.
    As always I loved the interesting characters, the great storyline and the fluent writing style. In this series I really enjoy the sassy language and hot moments.
    As expected there were even more unexpected turns. I can't wait to read the next part, especially after this cliffhanger.
    Highly recommended. Kindle Edition Color changing hair based on emotions

    Wow- the ride with Lucia is breathtaking or stealing. With no idea where the imagination will take you. This is her second series I am reading and have already given started researching her back shelves.
    Jas is the strangest main character. The fact that she is starting to think before just acting is a sign of growth, but she needs to start consulting with her team of friends and protectors instead of jumping and hoping...but that is where all the fun of these stories lies.
    Another swing another home run! Kindle Edition