Quint: Five Stories by Richard Gerald By Richard Gerald

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    Quint, as the name implies, is five stories from controversial author Richard Gerald. While many love his work, with its odd and often very flawed characters, some readers are enraged by his tales of bad girls and sleazy lawyers.
    In Kate Gets Her Man: A sheriff’s deputy investigates and pursues a man she knows is guilty only to find herself growing more and more attracted to this bad character.
    In Peter Morgan and the Calico Cat: A lawyer sent to find a missing cat uncovers new and old secrets.
    In For the Affirmative: A nun in charge of a disabled girl gets blindsided by young love.
    In Her Itch: An open marriage proves to be far less open than the spouses believed.
    And finally, the Slow Dance of murder, infidelity, and love the second time around.
    Five unique and highly original stories for those who enjoy a not too short tale.
    Quint: Five Stories by Richard Gerald


    Every story in this collection was, for me, exceptional. Extremely well written, each story keeping you guessing with endings you never saw coming. Won't hesitate to read more of Richard's books and thanks, Robert, for putting me in touch with this author.. Quint: Five Stories by Richard Gerald Thoughtful stories for the thoughtful reader

    Truth in advertising upfront. I know of Richard Gerald through his his online stories. To be honest, they are not what you would expect. They are complex, populated by imperfect but interesting characters. They are stories where infidelity is often present but seldom resolved by BRB (burn the ...). They are also very stories. Some of these stories are present; one story is completed; one new story. The result is a collection of interesting but thoughtful stories. Read them; you will enjoy them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Quint: Five Stories by Richard Gerald