Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2) By Ella Goode

    I went to the Vieth Territory to celebrate a Veith wedding -- not to claim a consort for my kingdom . . .

    But what’s a prince to do when he finds the princess of his dreams?

    Ignore her?
    Run the opposite direction?


    You grab the glass slipper, along with her hand and -- hold tight -- even if she lives in a nest of vipers -- the danger is worth fighting . . .

    Note: This book is intended for readers 18+.
    Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2)

    Stealing His Princess is the story of MacKenzie and Sov.


    Hero is this douchey king, who is coerced to go to a neighboring kingdom's ball. Spots hot heroine, chases her, makes her his sex buddy and soon proposes that she be his consort. There's some drama regarding her past and intentions and the book solves it all in a page, ending in a HEA.

    Hero was quite unlikable and pompous. Heroine gave in too easily. Only part I liked was the epilogue.

    2/5 Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2) This Cinderella smut romance is a cute mix of royal theme and dark mafia underground world.

    The girl has an interesting job for a female organisation where cons and seduction are exercised by orphan women.

    During a ball, she meets a prince soon to be king. It's all sparks and fiery passion that puts bodyguards on edge and lives upside down. I think it has funny situations with the prince's staff, and her vulnerable yet stubborn nature. He is very domineering and makes outrageous assumptions about her freedom.

    I liked that he doesn't hold her past against her, and that the Vieth Orphans organisation is important in the plot.

    Hot and entertaining. The epilogue is very cute, and I would love to read a story about Zero and his blushing neck :-D Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2) This is such an easy read.
    Sov Charmont is a prince who is going to a ball. His mother hopes he finds a bride but he has no interest in finding a woman, until he sees MacKenzie, a Vieth orphan.
    What happens when MacKenzie let's him know she's not an easy girl? Will their chemistry and attraction be enough to go to the next level? Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2) Great characters. Great short story. This book moves fast.
    Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2) O sea, fue tipo:

    Él la vio en una fiesta, exigió que se la trajeran a su habitación, se la follo y luego la secuestra para hacerla su reina.

    Lo absurdo fue y que:

    -te amo

    *la chica llora porque es la primera vez que se lo dicen y está hambrienta de amor*



    Summary Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2)

    3.25 Stars

    Wasn't bad. I actually liked this hero more than the first book which seems to be the opposite for a lot of people, but the story I liked a bit less. An overall enjoyable, short read though.

    Safety: safe

    H is not a manwhore, but he talks like he's experienced
    /h is a virgin

    No ow/om drama or cheating Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2) I don’t give Ella Goode bad reviews, but I feel like this book wasn’t on par.

    Her last book was sensational. A new favorite of mine. This one just didn’t work for me.

    You see, the first sexy scene just ended. There was no mention of her passing out or anything, it’s just [page turn] she’s wearing new clothes. I’m very confused. That doesn’t happen with Ella. The naughty stuff doesn’t happen off page. And if someone passes out from the joy and exhaustion of incredible orgasms, it’s mentioned immediately. She’s amazing at the naughty stuff. Was I missing a page or chapter or something? :(

    I didn’t get all tingly with this story. I’m used to getting all tingly with Ella stories. It’s part of their appeal. Short, but sexy. I honestly didn’t feel it with this one.

    Also, I felt like our hero was pretty cold. Sure that whole strong alpha royal ‘I get whatever I want’ thing is going on with him, but I never felt like he was particularly nice to her. I did like that he didn’t let her past make a difference to him. Here’s the thing though, he never actually asked her to marry him. In fact, he calls her his ‘consort’ during their second sexy times. That word usually equates to mistress in my experience. And mistress and romance heroine just doesn’t work for me.

    Again, I don’t give Ella bad reviews. I truly love her books. But unfortunately, this one is just not my favorite. I still recommend it if you’re a fan of Ella’s work. Please tell me I’m wrong if you disagree. Maybe I’m just in a weird mood or something. But if you’re looking for your first Ella Goode book get Claiming His Queen and fall in love with it. Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2) Ok, this was really bad. The guy was an arrogant asshole from the start. Sure, he's a Prince but so spoiled... Also, I did not feel the connection between them. No chemistry.
    Oh well... Onto the next one! Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2)
    El príncipe era tan imbécil que mató el romance para mí

    •Mi opinión puede contener Spoilers

    •Esta destinada a ser un descargo personal no para que alguien más lea pero si lo haces y te ofende, me disculpo porque sé lo que es que te guste un libro y otros lo critiquen

    Stealing His Princess de Ella Goode


    Fui al Territorio de Vieth para celebrar una boda, no para reclamar una consorte para mi reino, pero ¿qué puede hacer un príncipe cuando encuentra a la princesa de sus sueños?
    ¿Ignorarla? ¿Correr en la dirección opuesta? No.

    Agarras la zapatilla de cristal junto con su mano y aprietas.

    Incluso si vive en un nido de víboras, vale la pena luchar contra el peligro.

    Mí humilde opinión:

    El primer libro del mundo mafioso de EG me gustó pero a este le faltó sentimiento.

    Los protagonistas (el príncipe Sov y Mackenzie una de las chicas al cuidado de Karin Vieth) son polos opuestos, las diferencias estaban marcadas, se notaba que Sov nació en cuna de oro, iba con un séquito a todos lados y todo lo que quería lo obtenía, era arrogante y controlador pero Mackenzie, una chica dulce que es una simple contadora de Karin Vieth, no estaba impresionada. Sin embargo, se sorprende cuando él se fija en ella.

    Mackenzie me gustó, era un personaje simple pero lindo, tenía carácter. Lo único que le criticaría es que cedió muy rápido a Sov y muchas veces sentí que no se hacía respetar.

    Ahora Sov era un tipo demasiado pretencioso, arrogante y no pude con sus formas. Mejora un poco pero no me gustó mucho él. Eso de perseguirla y luego secuestrarla, no escuchaba y solo hizo lo que quiso, fue un NO para mí.

    Entonces como no me gustaba el protagonista masculino, no me interesó tanto la historia de amor.

    Adoré el epilogo sin embargo! Fue taaaan gracioso que lo leí dos veces! Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2) 3.5 ⭐️

    I absolutely love all of EG’s books, but for some reason I had a hard time connecting with this one. I didn’t really connect with the main characters and a lot seemed unfinished. It could have just been me though. Still love EG and can’t wait for the next story!!

    Safe read
    Dual virgins
    No om/ow drama
    Epilogue at least 15 years out Stealing His Princess (Royal, #2)