Stuff Every Dad Should Know (Stuff You Should Know) By Brett Cohen

    I got this as a gift for my daddy to be. I was a big currious so i took a look. I was very surprused to see it had stuff for a dad about baby, but it also talked about how he cpuld help mom with post partum and stuff. Brett Cohen I get this book as a gift (paired with Stuff Every Mom Should Know) for all my friends who are expecting. I get amazing feedback from them all saying how creative and fun these books were to read. They are not just the usual what to expect type of books but include creative ideas, real world solutions, and a bit of humor to top it all off. Many couples also tell me that they started some great conversations that would have otherwise not have happened. They are also quite short so they are an easy read for busy parents to be and from what I hear these are great books to read when expecting a little one. Brett Cohen Just as the description says, can't wait to start reading it for some helpful hints and tips Brett Cohen This book was a nice little quick read. I felt like almost all of the information in here was pretty obvious though. If you are completely clueless about having kids, then I could see there being a benefit. It's no replacement for some of the other parenting book options out there. Brett Cohen Bought this for a 'new' Dad gift. Brett Cohen

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    Some good tools for the tool box. Brett Cohen Quality of the book is like described. Very fast shipping. I gave this book for my husband as a christmas gift. He really likes it. Brett Cohen Useful but hilarious content! Makes for a great new dad gift! Brett Cohen A great book so pleased to have it in my collection. Brett Cohen Lots of helpful tips for first time dads! Brett Cohen

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