The Art of Settlement: A Lawyer’s Guide to Regulatory Compliance when Resolving Catastrophic Claims By Jason D. Lazarus

    Jason D Lazarus new book The Art of Settlement on things attorneys need to do in catastrophic injury cases is a must read for any attorney who operates in this arena. Our world is changing and the practice of law is becoming complex every year. As medicine has 978-1544509815 Jason has been doing this consulting for lawyers for over 20 years in avoiding malpractice minefields when settling both PI and WC cases. This is essential information for any lawyer handling these cases & should be standard issue for all new associates. 978-1544509815 Excellent resource. Easy to follow in a very complex area of law and legal practice. 978-1544509815

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    Attorney Jason Lazarus's book, The Art of Settlement, is excellent, well written, and I highly recommend it to any attorney who is practicing personal injury law so that he or she knows the steps that must be taken to protect the client from the loss of governmental 978-1544509815 The words “must read” have never been truer than when talking about Jason Lazarus’ The Art of Settlement.” Our friend Jason has really outdone himself with this quick read guide that all Plaintiff lawyers need to read and then read again. I know many of us 978-1544509815 Yes, it was a good purchase! 978-1544509815 “The Art of Settlement” provides an excellent overview of the various issues that may impact a plaintiff contemplating settlement. Settlement is than just the money the manner of the payout should also be reviewed. A failure to provide the plaintiff with access to 978-1544509815 The settlement portion of a case is my job and I spend hours researching and learning how to protect my clients. This book has given me the tools to solve a vast majority of the issues I come across during the settlement process. I heavily rely on Synergy Settlement 978-1544509815


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