The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2) By E.V. Everest

    This is a great follow up to the first book of this series, Seven Crowns. We start with Adam and Ana coming back from spending a summer after the events at the end of Book 1. It's time for another school year, many sneaky dealings are going on, threats being made, and Ana in a place where all she is doing is doubting herself. Through the next pages, Ana goes on a trip that is needed, but it's not easy. She learns some secrets, finds somethings out about herself, and where she is going from here.

    I loved this book as much as I did Seven Crowns, and I can't wait to see where the story goes in the next book. You love YA, a little sci-fi feel, young love, and some great friendships, you need to read this one!

    I received an advance review copy of this book, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2) I had a hard time putting this book down. Luckily I found this series with little time to wait between book one and book two. I'm hoping book three will be out soon too!

    The character development is better in this book than the first, several characters are fleshed out further and it really helps the reader to invest in the story. The scene descriptions are also more detailed, in a good way. I felt like I was at the parade and on the island. I also really liked that Ana took a more proactive role in the story in this book.

    However, I do feel like the book could flow better. Towards the end, the climatic action happens rather abruptly. Obviously you know it's coming, but the story just went from languid to fast paced and action packed. There was a lot packed into the end of the story.

    I also really liked the story within a story that the author put into this book. However, it was a bit distracting from the main storyline. I can see what the author was trying to achieve, but again, it wasn't as smooth as it could be.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this book, it is well written and highly enjoyable to read. The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2) This book, second in the series, begins with protagonist Ana making a dangerous deal: in exchange for not exposing that she has lied about her gift, she agrees to marry General Rockwell's son. And that's not even the most dangerous or intense bargain made in this book. As the chapters go on, Ana finds it harder and harder to maintain her secret lack of magical talent and her fake engagement with a boy she has really grown to care for, all while receiving strange visions of a little girl named Terra whose life tangles with Ana's in a very touching way at the end of the novel. I love the characters of Ana and Samuel, and where the book leaves them is such a great place in their character arcs and it has me on the edge of my seat and counting down the days until August 15th when the third book comes out! The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2) 4 out of 5
    This is the second book in the Bellaton series, it continues the story of Ana. I will admit that this was better than the first book, which I always want whenever I am reading a series. This was a great follow up and kept me engaged.
    The characters were given a lot more development in this book, as some characters that didn’t get much in the first book were for sure given their due in this one. It for me was great to see, as some of these characters I really want more of.
    E.V. Everest was very descriptual with this book, the details in descriptions, it was amazing and felt wonderful and easy to picture. I made this comparison before but I will do it again, aspects felt really like they could have a part of Jupiter Ascending. This story captivated me and left me wanting more.
    Once again, I did receive an ARC of this book to review but it does not change my thoughts or opinions. The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2) I enjoyed this story. I was a little confused however because I have not read book 1 yet. The author did a great job with the characters & the suspense in the story. Ana was suppose to be healer but she didn't believe it. She had no sign of the gift and someone was still trying to kill her. She was the last one in the Halt bloodline & someone didn't want her to take her rightful place on the council but who? Was it Adam's father or was Madam Bali still alive. This one has twists & turns that keep you guessing, The ending surprised me because I did not see it coming. My favorite author list now has a new addition. Loved this story. The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2)

    Betrayed and betrothed, the last heir to the Halt Family Council Seat must discover and hunt down the person who killed her family in this exciting continuation.

    Anabella Halt won the challenge and healed Adam Rockwell for the whole planet to see. She proved that she is no imposter. In one year, she will be ready to seize her family's long vacant council seat. There's only one problem… Ana faked the entire thing. She can't heal a papercut.

    Now, Adam's dangerous father and the most powerful military man on the planet, suspects her secret. He's willing to overlook it for a small favor-- a marriage to his son and a strategic alliance. Ana wants to say no, until he offers to free her friend Samuel from prison. It's an offer she can't refuse.

    But Ana has bigger plans. She will discover who hired her betrayer and hunt them down. Only then will she be truly free.


    THE BOTANIST'S GAME is the second book in the Shadows & Starlight series. If you loved the royal court intrigue of Cruel Prince and the sci-fi, interstellar twist of Cinder, this series is for you!

    Book 1: Seven Crowns
    Book 2: The Botanist's Game
    Book 3: Rule of Shadows
    Book 4: Fallen Kingdom The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2)

    E.V. Everest ☆ 3 review

    A fantastic book to add to the series. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline, and I’d definitely recommend this book. The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2) The second in the Shadow & Starlight series,  Anabella Halt is now under suspicion after the outcome of the competition in book 1.

    In order to protect her she aligns herself with Adam Rockwell's family. He's from one of the more powerful families they all have specialites and gifts and there's is weapons.

    It was exciting being back in Bellaton at the prestigious academy getting to attend classes which skew more towards combat training and honing her gifts now.

    There are some interesting developments with the bad guy from book 1 coming back in an interesting way and going to meet the person they impersonated.

    In this book we got to travel to Ana's family's home and learn more about her gift and what happened to her family and the other Halts.

    There is a  love triangle between Ana and her main love interest and the pining from her friend. She's just trying to stay alive! Can she have them both? Asking for a friend?

    Thank you @evelina.everest for the gifted copy for my honest and voluntary review. The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2) Oooo… I really enjoyed this next installment of the Shadows & Starlight series. It’s often not easy to “live up” to the first book in a series, but Botanist’s Game definitely had no issues keeping up with the excitement and adventure from Seven Crowns.

    Following the conclusion of the challenge, Ana is now dealing with everything that happened in book one. The moment she returns to Bellaton with Adam, she is challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally as she tries to find her place in a world that is still new to her. Ana needs to navigate her way around the Seven, figure out exactly what her feelings are for Adam and Samuel and, of course, hide the fact that she does not have the power of healing. All the while also trying to dodge less-than-friendly classmates and assassination attempts. Welcome back to Bellaton!

    I thought this was a great read. There were twists and turns, and despite a bit of a slow beginning, I was definitely engaged throughout. I felt Ana had some great character development. Her stubbornness and tantrums felt fairly accurate for someone her age, and I appreciated how the author portrayed this side of her without making her too whiny. The set-up into sharing Ana’s family history was, in my opinion, quite well done and gave great depth to her character. I also really appreciate how there is a love story, but it doesn’t steal the attention away from the main plot. Wonderful read and can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Thank you StoryOrigin and EV Everest for my copy! All thoughts and opinions are my own. The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2) This was excellent. Spooky and mysterious, constantly leaving me wanting more! I was a little irritated by Ana's anger and stubbornness at refusing to face her emotions and the truth staring her in the face, but it all felt very YA - very typical of being a teenage girl, that is. Eager for book 3!! The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2) Thank you to E.V for providing me with an ARC. All opinions are my own.

    I absolutely adored book one and have to say I really enjoyed book 2. The only issue I had with this one was that it took a little bit to get into the swing of things. Once the action started happening and the pace kicked up, it didn't stop until the very end. This was another page turner of a sci-fi novel and I'm really hoping that there's going to be more in this series!

    I loved Ana's progression, but still being true to who she was. I liked seeing where her family came from and getting a bit of back story on the Halt family. I enjoyed the way that the love triangle was set up as not really existent, but it was there in the background. The found family and close friendship bonds are also incredibly strong in this. I love books that emphasis friendships/relationships and that family is what you make it, which these do really well!

    Everest has a beautiful voice that can pull you into the world of Bellaton making you not want to leave! It's a true testament to her writing abilities to be able to create those Sci-Fi elements, but still give you enough to picture yourself in the world and vividly picture what is occurring. This is another hit!

    4.25/5 stars for me! The Botanists Game (Shadows Starlight, #2)