The Broker: A Novel By John Grisham

    Someone is certain to kill Joel Backman.
    The question is: who?

    In his final hours in the Oval Office, the outgoing President grants a full pardon to Joel Backman, a notorious Washington power broker who has spent the last six years in a federal prison.

    Unknown to an outraged public, the pardon was the CIAs idea. They claim that Backman may have obtained secrets that would compromise American satellite surveillance.

    Smuggled out of the country in a military cargo plane, Backman is given a new identity and a new home in Italy. He thinks hes out. But the CIA will soon leak his whereabouts to the Israelis, the Russians, the Chinese and the Saudis, and then sit back and watch.

    The question is not whether Backman will survive theres no chance of that. The question the CIA needs answered is: who will kill him?
    A master at the art of deft characterisation and the skilful delivery of hair raising crescendos Irish Independent

    John Grisham is the master of legal fiction Jodi Picoult

    The best thriller writer alive Ken Follett

    John Grisham has perfected the art of cooking up convincing, fast paced thrillers Telegraph

    Grisham is a superb, instinctive storyteller The Times

    Grishams storytelling genius reminds us that when it comes to legal drama, the master is in a league of his own. Daily Record

    Masterful when Grisham gets in the courtroom he lets rip, drawing scenes so real theyre not just alive, theyre pulsating Mirror

    A giant of the thriller genre TimeOut The Broker: A Novel

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    As a longtime Grisham fan, I do not know how I missed reading this earlier; but, I totally enjoyed this book. The plot was absolutely believable meaning that it was timely for the lives we are living now. The workings of our government espionage agencies are always a wonder to me and this novel gave me another view of their work as it unfolds. The idea of a presidential pardon for a prisoner who has settled into his sentence for the long run was the first contemporary idea; but, the way he was smuggled out of the prison and set up with another identity along with new residences, name, experience, and the life was beyond puzzling. The complexity of the undertaking was amazing. Grisham develops his characters to the point that the reader feels that this could be a neighbor is demonstrated again. The human side of the characters demonstrated in their choices of food and drink as well as clothing is most interesting. The fact that our government would undertake such an exhausting endeavor with the intention of having another government take over just blew me away. I came to hate the director of the agency and his having to be bundled in blankets, drinking tea all of the time! He knew his business alright. But, he was not a favorite of mine. The ending was one I would never have predicted as the plot wore on, but it was most satisfying. Once again, Grisham comes through with a unique story and an issue that deserves our attention. The Broker: A Novel This book is the typical brilliance of John Grisham that only an author of his calibre can deliver. He writes in his research notes at the end that he knows nothing about technology or espionage but that only goes to prove the amazingly inventive mind of Mr Grisham! The story is absolutely gripping, this is a real page turner and an excellent plot. It has a really good, satisfying ending too unlike the most recent book I read by Lynda La Plants where the ending left so many unexplained things that I felt really angry but this whole book was absolutely brilliant and very believable. The Broker: A Novel I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the storyline, but when I got to the part about talking to the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, l was baffled. He is listed as a Major. The director of DIA is a 3 Star General. A Lieutenant General. Just like the Director of the NSA. Also, all intelligence agencies, including CIA report to the Director of National Intelligence. The Broker: A Novel Five stars because I love the novel and UNABRIDGED audio CD I checked out from the public library long ago. Because I searched for John Grisham UNABRIDGED audio CD's, I assumed this was unabridged when I ordered it. Unfortunately, I also ordered a couple of John Grisham only to discover after they were received that they too were abridged. I'll not order ANY audio book CD's again from unless it's clear that the CD is UNABRIDGED. The Broker: A Novel Having read The Firm, The Rainmaker and Pelican Brief all of which I enjoyed, I bought this one after reading numerous reviews here.

    To be honest it drags in the middle of the book, but I kept going. The action speeds up towards the end.

    I really don't see why we need to know the name of every street alleyway and square in Bologna, nor why he was especially sent to Italy (except to show off local knowledge?). Why tell us the names of the Chinese hitmen when they never feature in the action? What was the point of the fat woman in the train? But the two references to the hero getting the Eurostar from Bologna to Milan are absurd and unacceptably sloppy editing. Eurostar does not go anywhere near Italy and never has done. Where did he get the hundreds of euros to buy a completely new outfit when his bag had been stolen, with money inside? Did he put hundreds of euros in his pockets every morning? If yes, why put hundreds in the bag? I couldn't be bothered to trawl back through the book to find out.

    Wouldn't a cutting edge piece of defence software be out of date after six years?

    It's ok. I won't be reading it again, so it's another one for the charity shop along with Camino Island. The Broker: A Novel

    If you are a reader of Grisham novels, you know what I mean by this header. He has a style of writing that brings you back time after time to his books. I had missed this title (2005) when it was first published because of a topsy turvy year in my life. Found the plot just as relevant in 2017. Politics, international spying, CIA, FBI, cyber and digital age events. Fast moving plot that kept you hanging on till the end. The Broker: A Novel Kept my interest all the way through. Enjoyed the setting in an ancient Italian city. The presidential pardon added interest: did the lead character bribe his way out of the penitentiary; was he set up to be assassinated by one of the foreign powers that he had offended in his financial schemes? The protagonist's struggle to learn Italian will resonate with any reader who has tried to master a second language. The Italian language is but one element of establishing an entirely new identity for the lead character. Not merely name change or wardrobe adjustment. Interesting story and a free trip to Italy. The Broker: A Novel It’s been awhile since I read one of his books, but I remembered them as all being good. This one is a travel guide to parts of Italy with a backstory that is incomplete, hard to follow, never had any steam to run out of. The ending sounds like whomever wrote the book just got tired of it and just wrapped it up with a period.

    Worst book I’ve read all the way through in a long time. The Broker: A Novel After spending 6 years of a 20 year federal prison sentence, Joel Backman, a former major player in DC's political circles is granted a sudden, dramatic pardon. He is then quickly and secretly flown to Italy where he is transformed by CIA handlers. Why the sudden pardon, why the handlers, why Italy and why all this intrigue? All this comes to light in this unique, John Grisham page turning thriller. Fast paced, beyond the usual Grisham attorney/client norm, the storyline keeps the reader involved with interesting characters throughout. If you've enjoyed Grisham novels in the past, you'll definitely find The Broker an excellent read. The Broker: A Novel This story is unique; you end up liking the lead character who is the broker. That isn't the case in the beginning but his character is fully developed and he evolves as a person because of his situation (on the run), realizing several people want to kill him. It gives you an insight to how the CIA and respective organizations like them in other countries operate. It feels very real and you get a travelogue view of Bologna, Italy. It's not about the law or the courtroom but is a story about politics, influence, lobbyists and Washington. The Broker: A Novel