The Engagement (Honor/Obey #1) By D.J. Heart

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    David Belvedere is a hard partying, fun loving guy with a big trust fund and a nasty habit of getting into trouble.

    Adam Wentworth is just the billionaire to tame him...

    (This 14k word story is part one of a serial. It features bondage and submission, spanking, leather glove kink, high volume enema play, hole stretching, and intense domination. It is intended for mature readers.)


    So you're Adam, huh? David tilted his head and studied him. It's nice to meet you, I guess.

    Adam blinked, and then a slow smile crept over his face. In that moment he decided that David was going to be his, and the brat would never, ever speak to him with that insolent tone of voice again.

    Adam was going to break him. The Engagement (Honor/Obey #1)

    I was in the mood for a BDSM story and wow, this really is hardcore 😅 this kinda reminded me of Cari Waites' Gamble Everything series. So far I am intrigued and excited for more!! The only thing I'm annoyed about is the lack of safe word 🙄 Gay and Lesbian D.J. Heart fans will be loving this series ;)
    and won't need to get the heads up about the well written S&M and humiliation kinks this author does so well.
    Downloading Honor/Obey: Part 2: The Good Puppy asap! Gay and Lesbian I’m assuming this is just the beginning of what will be a complete book. I enjoyed it, even if it as too short. D. J. Heart writes stories I like. Super strong doms just do it for me. It obviously works for David as well. Gay and Lesbian Good start, but don't expect any tender loving care from this Dom or relationship. Hot yes, but sweet? Hell no! Gay and Lesbian Fairly erotic bdsm pwp with a thinly used arranged marriage. Not really laid out in any safe/sane type of universe. Adam brings David into the D/s and very kinky world very quickly - actually within an hour or so of meeting him. Although David likes it, it feels like Adam is more of a bully at points. There is no affection or soft feelings from Adam but David has no idea how to work though this new universe without attaching to Adam.

    These are short stories that are worth it on KU but would not be worth 2.99 each without it to me. When/if all these episodes get pulled into a book it might be a good time to jump in. However, the author was releasing these episodes (five, so far) quickly in the summer but abruptly stopped back in Sept so I don't know when we will get a chance to get back to Adam and David in the future. Gay and Lesbian


    I must have fallen down some rabbit hole and gotten knocked on my head because ooo if I didn't want some more of this haha. I really liked but I low key feel weird about liking it. Which is new for me because I don't know what shame is.

    As kink heavy as this was (and good god was it kinky), it was balanced beautiful which is something you don't see often in kink heavy books. It's like the author forgets that one can be a sadist and decent human at the same time. No such confusion here. The dom is still very much a dom but he's human too. He still seeks out concent, he still checks in with his sub, he comforts him with aftercare and while experiencing sub drop, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT PEOPLE!

    If any of this sounds like your jam, and you're cool with mm, and you're down with a marriage of convenience, pick it. But, please note that this is a VERY kink heavy book with a sadist and a masochist. This isn't going to be like other kinky books that ease you into things and holds your hand the whole time. Nope, DJ just pushes you into the pool and is expecting you know how to swim. It's refeshing actully. 5 stars. Gay and Lesbian This was not my book. I'm not rating it because, objectively, it's not horrible (although the lack of editing could have made it so) it's just not enjoyable to me. It felt very ... violent, and possibly hateful toward the one MC, but I haven't read enough nor do I know enough about this type of kink or maybe this level of kink to know if it's representative or not. I just know I didn't like it, and I didn't feel any connection between them so that didn't help either. Gay and Lesbian Oooh. Ends on a cliffhanger, got me dying to see what comes next for David & Adam. This story features some pretty extreme BDSM, heavy on the humiliation and pain.

    Freebie from author as part of kinky m/m giveaway. Gay and Lesbian Just like any other D. J. Heart book, this was full of intense kink and rough sex. The sex was scorching hot and extreme – just the way I like it. Adam is a businessman who’s just as dominant and ruthless in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom. David is a partying socialite who needs to be tamed according to his family. In the world of the filthy rich, deals are made between families, marriages are arranged, and David finds himself engaged to Adam. Although this book is mostly sex, there is still room in the plot to watch Adam and David’s relationship start to build and grow. But mostly this book is about hot sex.

    Overall Rating: 5 Stars. The writing was good and steamy.
    Gay and Lesbian Read and reviewed the collection. Gay and Lesbian