The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4) By Eliza Knight

    3.5 The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4) Well, I couldn't like Julianna either. So the next book I am sure I wont be able to read as the h is the kings whore. I don't do mistresses or whores, and although I realize she probably had no choice in the matter the author did. The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4) Headline

    Again, way too much filth. Close the bedroom door!!! Language not great. A book this full of history doesn't need it. Even if it is fiction it is close to the truth of what was happening in those times. The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4) Another good book by Eliza Knight. The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4) Loved the audiobook! The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4)

    Their greatest opponent won’t be battled with a sword…
    But with their hearts…

    Ronan Sutherland is a fierce warrior. Swearing off all else, he thrives on his powerful position within William Wallace’s army. Freedom for the Scots is his mission—until he meets fair Julianna. She captivates him, intoxicates him…makes him want more out of life than what harsh dangers he’s accustomed to.

    Lady Julianna is no meek maiden. She’s trained in the art of war, sister to one of Scotland’s most powerful men, and tasked with keeping the future king safe. Until she’s kidnapped by a rivaling clan. Now her only hope is for the one man she trusts—and desires—to save her.

    Together, they’ll have to face down one of Scotland’s most treacherous foes… And keep from falling victim to the one thing they’ve both eluded thus far—love. The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4)

    Ronan Sutherland is the younger brother of the Sutherland Clan, he's a fierce warrior and holds an important position with William Wallace. Lady Julianna is a warrior, she's trained all her life to protect Robert Bruce and she has secrets few people know, which places her in grave danger. Together, these two make a fierce, tantalizing and impressive couple. I enjoyed how Julianna and Ronan worked together, fought their attraction, learned to trust each other and found love amongst the turmoil and ugliness that war brings. But, will Robert Bruce, wish to lose his fierce protector? Will he deny what two hearts long to have, their HEA?

    The Highlander's Warrior is a quick read, fast paced with nail biting danger and filled with turns and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed Julianna and Ronan's story. I was captivated from the beginning and held breathlessly to the end.

    Ms. Knight is a remarkable storyteller, who draws readers into her stories with her vivid details, her unpredictable but charming and engaging characters and her tantalizing plot.

    If you enjoy action packed, danger filled with intriguing characters, brawn Highland warriors, fierce lasses and masterfully written stories, then The Highlander's Warrior Bride is a perfect story for you to read. Fantastic Medieval Scottish Romance!

    I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.

    Rating: 4.5

    Heat rating: Mild

    Reviewed by: AprilR The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4) I have been wanting Ronan and Julianna’s story since the end of book one. I have been a very patient person. I have read each of the other books and enjoyed the each as they progress on the road with history, passion, loyalty, freedom, and love. I find that in this time period the warrior bride was a bit more than most would have cared to encounter, but there was something about her that I liked and enjoyed getting to know.

    Watching the battles, the rescue, the love all come to play was enjoyable fast pace and worth the read to get to see it all take place. I loved watching the ups and down and ins and outs of the times with William Wallace and Robert Bruce. I found things so intriguing and reading it gave me more to get excited about. I loved Ronan. I loved Julianna. This was what I had been anticipating. The vivid clarity of the scenes. The sexy, hot, protective highlanders. The fierce ladies that command their love, loyalty and hearts. I find that there are more characters to loved aside from the ones that I want to read their HEA for. Scotland during the time of Robert Bruce and William Wallace sets hearts aflame and romance on a fierce playing field.
    The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4) Again, I feel truly awful about my poor but consistent ratings of this author. I know her style is not my kind of thing but I somehow have to finish the series. I would have given this book 2 stars if it wasn't for Julianna. This is a extremely personal rating. I don't like the author's style and I don't like the warrior princess of a heroine. The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4) I love that Julianna is not your usual heroine, and that Ronan respects her as a warrior and a fighter.

    I will say that I guessed her to be The Bruce's sister, even before she confirmed it to Ronan.

    Good plot. I can't wait to see how they end up pinning Ross down though. He managed to escape, leaving a plot hanger- along with what's going to happen with Brandon Sinclair in the next story. The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4) Masih melanjutkan plot tentang perjuangan Robert the Bruce, William Wallace dan para highlander untuk melawan Inggris, kali ini tokohnya adalah Ronan dan Julianna. Ronan adalah adik dari Magnus dan Blane (hero di buku 1-2) dan Julianna sempat nongol di buku ke 3. Juliana adalah warrior wanita kepercayaan Robert The Bruce yang jago bela diri, senjatanya belati dan tusuk rambut beracun. Sebenarnya Ronan dan Juliana sdh ada tanda-tanda ketertarikan sejak di buku ke 3, makanya di buku ini cuma meneruskan gimana proses mereka untuk bisa bersama. Dengan dilemanya saat Ronan tahu siapa jati diri Juliana yang sebenarnya. The Highlanders Warrior Bride (Stolen Bride, #4)


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