The Magic School Bus Has a Heart By Anne Capeci


    The book offers infotainment about the heart and the circulatory system. I enjoyed the format and am quite curious about the other books in the series. Paperback The book offers information about the heart and the circulatory system. I overall love any book in these series! I would use this for grades 3rd-5th grade! I would use this in the unit for the Body and go into the Circulatory system. Paperback Alice's first Scholastic book order came back from her preschool. We got the whole set of Level 2 reader Magic School Bus books. This one is her favorite so far. The bus goes into a little girl's knee through a scrape and travels through her bloodstream. They return to ordinary size just in time for a birthday party. Paperback As all the Magic School Bus this book won't fail in entertainment plus education. The listener-reader will enjoy what they are listening to-reading and won't have a second thought about learning about the human heart and how it works to pump blood throughout the body. How the heart and lungs work together. Paperback My 4&8 year old really like this one--their little sister was born with heart defects and had to have open heart surgery so this book really helped them understand how the heart works and was a great starting place to answer their questions about their sister Paperback

    This is another fun book in the Magic School Bus Chapter books and Readers series of books. I like that these stories are short and have fewer notes and dialogue than the original stories. Plus, our youngest can help me read them, which is great since she loves them so much. The stories help teach science concepts and this one talks about how the heart functions. Paperback We love the magic school bus series of books, they are very educational! Paperback I grew up with this TV show! Paperback While it doesn't have the magic of the Cole/Degen original titles, this is a serviceable title that the kids will enjoy. It gives beginning readers a chance to enjoy a nonfiction subject and perhaps be interested enough to go further into the subject. The artwork isn't as vibrant as Degen's, nor are the jokes and puns as good. But since we can't clone the Cole/Degen team, this is a decent substitue. Paperback I love the Magic School Bus books. Legomeister loved these for years, and now Little Miss is starting to request them.

    The Scholastic Readers are nice for bedtime stories because they're shorter, and of course, they're great for early readers. They're more difficult than some easy readers, a little longer with more challenging words. The writing feels choppy; that's a side effect of simplifying it. But I think they do a good job of keeping the story fun and informative. They definitely hold the interest of my Magic School Bus Fans.

    A short explanation of how the heart pumps blood through the body. Paperback

    Based upon the award-winning TV series, Magic School Bus Scholastic Readers make learning an adventure!

    Ms. Frizzle's class is learning about the heart. They get in the Magic School Bus because they are going to see a movie. But they find themselves on a heart-pounding adventure!

    The bus ends up going through Keesha's circulatory system. The class travels through the bloodstream and learns about the heart's job and how it works with the lungs.

    Hop on the Magic School Bus and find out what's at the heart of it all! The Magic School Bus Has a Heart

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