The New Strategic Selling: The Unique Sales System Proven Successful by the Worlds Best Companies By Stephen E. Heiman

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    The unique sales system proven successful by the world's best companies revised and updated for the 21st century. CD 1: Strategy and Tactics, Getting to the economic Buying Influences, Buying Influences, Degree of Influence, Red Flags. CD 2: Leverage from Strength, Modes, Win-Results,, Ideal Customer, Sales Funnel, Competition The New Strategic Selling: The Unique Sales System Proven Successful by the Worlds Best Companies

    This book is old school, with nothing new. Just a rehash of all the books you thought were important.

    Good for insomniacs. English Yeah, we know that!
    Overall, most of the points raised in this book are certainly old school and won't be very useful for the new-age market invaders. Nonetheless, it might be a good start because reading a book won't take a lot. And nothing to take away from the authors and experts - time has changed! English Классика продаж, сложных продаж. Хорошие советы по стратегии продаж, актуально и на текущий момент. English A book about how to achieve sales.

    There were one or two interesting points but overall I found it a bit dull.

    Rating 2.5. English I read this book as part of sales training for my company, which is involved in complex sales. Because my background is engineering, I’ve typically been a little mystified and intimidated by the sales process. The New Strategic Selling has given me a framework for how to understand and approach complex sales (in an account management context, in my case).
    I appreciate the honest, win-win approach. There is no deception or trickery here, only honestly investigating customer needs and staying connected to the right people (covering your bases) in an intentional way. English


    This book is an indispensable resource for a new (or old) salesperson. It equips one with plenty of strategy and tooling. I drew the reading out over too long a period, perhaps, as I was implementing it as I learned each new thing. My favourite chapter is chapter 18, which deals with actually focusing your efforts on moving potential business through a sales funnel, towards greater probability of closing business. Having now structured my sales objectives in this way has produced immediate clarity on what work needs to be done on each. English I read this book which has been on my shelf for many years and I have had Miller Heiman Professional Sales Training.

    This book is essentially what is taught in Miller Heiman's Professional Selling Skills.

    I highly recommend this book. English My business development group read this as a development exercise.

    Good solid discussions on:
    -buying influences (economic, user, technical, coach) and the value of each
    -sales funnel and how to allocate time to address items moving through the funnel.

    A valuable methodology the author uses is to step through a series of exercises (what he calls workshops) that put into practice the concepts being introduced and selecting a specific sale to a customer to help clarify the lessons being taught.

    Even though I am not in direct sales, my role is one of getting approval for projects and I found the concepts to be useful in my role as well. English I have coached Hewlett-Packard to sell huge complex computer systems; I have helped Coca-Cola national accounts sell marketing programs to Burger King; I have been involved in Cymer’s sales of its excimer lasers to Nikon and Canon and in KimberleyClark’s paper goods promotions to Kroger

    Everybody paid lip service to customer need

    “Whatever got you where you are today is no longer sufficient to keep you there.”

    We deliver our programs mainly to the Fortune 1000 Industrials and the Fortune 50 Transportation, Financial, Insurance, and Commercial Banking firms. English Still the Greatest Book on Sales Strategy

    The Miller Heiman Strategic Selling process is timeless. As a young sales rep in the late 90's, I was sent to Miller Heiman training by my company (TMP Worldwide) and benefited from it greatly. I am now training my own company (sales reps, account managers and product teams) on the Strategic Selling process. It gives everyone in our ad agency an understanding of our prospective and current accounts as they relate to a single sales objective. It also gives us a common language to use when discussing these accounts. I am enjoying passing on the wisdom of this system. English