The Sheiks Reluctant Lover By Elizabeth Lennox

    Loving a man could be wonderful. Loving a man who loved so many women was dreadful. Rachel Stuart had grown up around Sheik Rais’ farm, starting off as friends and riding the woods with him whenever his official business brought him to Washington, D.C. Being in town only occasionally didn’t stop him from having the best and most beautiful horses and, as Rachel grew up, she learned to love those horses, and the man.

    When her love for him became too painful, she had to move away, only visiting her father, the sheik’s horse trainer, when Rais was not there.

    Until one day when he arrived earlier than anticipated, causing Rachel’s heart to beat frantically, her body to shiver with both fear and delight as he looked at her with those dark, penetrating eyes. Eyes that were now focused on her, but she refused to be just another in a long line of mistresses.

    Sheik Rais Sayyid Tarif Zaman couldn’t believe the beauty who walked into the small cottage. He’d known Rachel all her life and his feelings had changed as well. What had started off as sisterly affection had grown into something much deeper, significantly stronger.

    He’d waited years for her to grow up. And had seen her become more beautiful over the years. But now she was an adult and was mature enough to understand his feelings. She tried to fight it, but the attraction that blossomed between them was not to be denied. He would have her in his life, he promised himself. He just had to convince the shy, young beauty to let him love her as she deserved. The Sheiks Reluctant Lover

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    I enjoyed this book very much. The characters were very strong and the storyline was interesting. I would have loved a little more of an epilogue. I felt it ended a bid abruptly. Still a good story. The Sheiks Reluctant Lover Amazing Book

    I thoroughly enjoyed this sexy and exciting story. The characters are so well done and the story touches your heart while heating up your.... well you get my drift. Lol. Great Read The Sheiks Reluctant Lover i found it boring, as well as lacking in plot lines and angst. it was obvious they were in love and wanted each other badly. rachel was reluctant bcoz she felt insecure due to rais' womanizing ways. a few words on rais' part wud have solved the matter and the book cud have ended in 2-3pages! lol:P The Sheiks Reluctant Lover I liked this story. It was nuanced in a pleasantly unexpected way. Am a sucker for the sheik stories as long as the H isn't a complete jerk. Rais was an interesting guy. Thanks for the good read! :) The Sheiks Reluctant Lover First half of the book was good. Second half felt rushed and unemotional. Disappointed. The Sheiks Reluctant Lover

    Short, straightforward Harlequin wannabe of the story of the Sheik and the Scared Virgin. It was relatively conflict-free which might come across as boring to some readers. I wish the Sheik's age was indicated since he had been comforting the heroine since she was 8 and had been in love with her since she was about 14-16. She is twenty-four in the book.

    For a more unPC, old skool version of the same story, I recommend something like And The Desert Blooms by Iris Johansen.

    Setting: Virginia The Sheiks Reluctant Lover Rachel had avoided Rais for 6 years since she was 18. She loved Rais but she was hurt because he always had woman with him. Little that she knows that he had harbouring feeling towards her since she was 16. So when her father set up them to meet at his farm, he seduced her. He got her virginity and she panicked. She left for a night because she didnt want to have a casual affair with him. When she came back to her apartment, Rais already tracked her and both admitted their feelings towards each other. The Sheiks Reluctant Lover It's could have been great but it seems like theres this lag time with each critical point. It's like a freaking bradycardia like I could almost see the strip and follow the reading. I fell out of it with each turning point that it got a lot frustrating. EL needs to work on timing and rhythm or you end up bumping and stepping on ppl toes. The Sheiks Reluctant Lover This is a must read for anyone who loves a good, mushy romance. Rais has loved Rachel for 8 years. He fell in love with her when she was only 16. He knew she was too young then, so he kept his distance. He waited for her to grow up, go to college, and follow her dreams. When the two met again, he just couldn’t let her slip away again. Rachel was terrified of anything intimate. She had a few boyfriends, but every time the relationship started getting serious, she would end it. Rais was so sweet, kind and gentle with Rachel. He took his time with her, and gave her the time to trust him first. This book melted my heart. I will defiantly re read this book! The Sheiks Reluctant Lover I liked it but......

    I really liked this book but wish that the main characters would have communicated a bit more. I also would have liked to see the female lead get pregnant, but that's just me. The Sheiks Reluctant Lover