Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel, #2) By Kandy Shepherd

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    Sweet romance between sensible characters that seem to care about each other. Would have been a 4 star read if Sally, the heroine, hadn't just quit her company in an off-hand sentence at the end of the story. She was shown to be ambitious and to really love her job and the company she built. Dismissing it like that, to me, felt like undermining her character, and implies that women can't be both a mother and a business-woman. Her love interest, Edward, who owns a telecom company, doesn't seem to give up his business either by the end of the story.

    Fun story despite the yucky double standard in the epilogue.

    Content warnings: death of parent, forced marriage, abusive step-parent, mention of suspected pedophilia, surprise pregnancy (appreciated), mention of throwing up because of pregnancy-related nausea. Explicit sex scene. Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel, #2) Their Royal Baby Gift is enchanting, charming, and utterly romantic. My heart ached for Sally and Edward as they faced an impossible situation set amidst the lush tropical paradise of Singapore an Edward's own island country.

    I always enjoy books set in places that I'm familiar with since it gives me a sense of closeness. Ms Shepherd has done a fantastic job with getting the setting right from the richness and luxury of the hotel where Sally and Edward met to the culture and mannerisms of the Singaporeans who graced the pages of the book, and the authenticity of Edward's ancestry and heritage. I felt like I could imagine what Tianlipin was like as a country.

    I fell in love with Edward as soon as he stepped on the page and rescued Sally. And Sally is right. He's hot, handsome, and honourable. And he's caught in a very difficult situation where he has to put duty above his personal desires. Everything about Edward is wonderful. From his dashing rescue of Sally to his care for her, and how tender and protective he was. I love that he fought for Sally and didn't simply accept his fate.

    Sally is lovely but also headstrong, independent, and determined. She's thrown for a loop with her emerging feelings for Edward when she's held herself closed off for many years after a tragedy in her life which led to pain and heartache. She's protected herself and her heart to prevent ever getting hurt again but it's also kept her from meaningful connections in her life. I felt bad for her when she struggled with her role in Edward's life and his in hers. It certainly seemed awful when she had to be kept hidden like a shameful secret. I love that she expressed herself and Edward listened to her concerns. I love that they communicated as adults and didn't let misunderstandings get in their way. They had enough hurdles to overcome without unnecessary miscommunication.

    It's been a while since I've read a Harlequin Romance and this reminded me how much I love them and how I should read more of them. They are so heartwarming. They fill my heart and soul with joy, comfort, and warmth. Not to mention how wonderfully romantic they are. I need to make it a point to read more of them.

    See more from Deanna's World Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel, #2) I really enjoyed reading Kandy Shepherd's newest release Their Royal Baby Gift. A couple of strangers meet in Singapore and automatically feel a connection with each other. A one-night affair comes with consequences, and there is more than meets the eye with the Baby Daddy. Loved it. Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel, #2) Oh my goodness this is such a beautiful story, heart-warming, filled with emotion and so much love, two strangers meet in Singapore, a rescue that will change their lives forever if they can work a way out to be together, I could hardly put this one down and if you have never read a Kandy Shepherd book then you are missing out, why not start with this one, I am sure you will be binge reading her backlist.

    Sally Harrington is a designer and working hard on a family project that means so much to her and her two brothers, she needs to go to Singapore to check something out and falls into the arms of the most handsomest man ever, the pull between them is too hard to resist and the best night ever is spent in Edwards arms. Sally has never felt like this before for any man she has issues that were caused from her past, but maybe this might be the one and when she finds herself pregnant what is she to do? Sally is very independent, and determined never to lean on any man she can do this on her own, but then she finds out that Edward is Prince Edward of Tianlipin this is going to make things a little difficult and she cannot forget him of the night they had.

    Edward is a man bound by duty to his country and an arranged marriage is about to happen, this is not good for Edward now that he has met Sally, he cannot forget her she is in his heart and mind and will be there forever, when Sally returns to Singapore he convinces her to stay for a bit longer and they need to work out what they are going to do, he is going to be a father he cannot loose Sally.

    This is a beautifully written story, I loved it so much, the romance and love that is shining through for Edward and Sally bought so much joy. They had a few hurdles that Edward was determined to cross before they could get their HEA. I cried happy tears throughout this book the emotions were so real I was cheering them on, Edward is such a hero, he is not only good looking but his heart is filled with love and Sally she is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside they deserve each other so much. There were lots of smiles and cheering in this book. Thank you so much MS Shepherd for a wonderful story that filled me with happiness, a keeper and a must read and I do highly recommend this one to anyone who loves a great romance.
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    Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel (Book #2) Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel, #2)


    Can two strangers…

    …become one family?Designer Sally Harrington falls—literally!—into the arms of a handsome stranger. And, after one spontaneous night, Sally’s life changes forever… She’s pregnant! But there’s another shock to come. Her mystery man turns out to be Prince Edward of Tianlipin! As their two worlds collide and family duty threatens the magic this pair share…there may be one more Christmas surprise coming their way…

    From Harlequin Romance: Be swept away by glamorous and heartfelt love stories.

    Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel

    Book 1: Christmas Reunion in Paris by Liz Fielding

    Book 2: Their Royal Baby Gift by Kandy Shepherd

    Book 3: Stolen Kiss with Her Billionaire Boss by Susan Meier
    Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel, #2)

    An unexpected meeting between two strangers sparks an undeniable electric connection in author Kandy Shepherd's Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel #2). After her family wins a battle to regain ownership of London's renowned Harrington Park hotel, designer Sally Harrington travels to Singapore for a much-needed break and to also gather inspiration or adding new life to the hotel. One idea slated for the Harrington Park makeover was the addition of a roof-top garden. While lost in photographing a hotel with just such a garden, Sally trips and falls into the hotel pool. Never a very good swimmer. Sally is rescued from her splashing and struggles by a most handsome and charming gentleman. For reasons of his own, Edward Chen had tried to keep a low profile during his stay in Singapore, but he couldn't ignore a damsel in distress. Sally, who had also tried to remain incognito while doing her research, quickly agrees to Edward's suggestion that they retreat to his hotel suite to recover from their watery adventure. A companionable evening of food and conversation soon becomes much more--a night of soaring passion--a night that could only happen once, with no commitment. After leaving without saying goodbye, five weeks later Sally is back in Singapore. Shocked to find out that she is pregnant, she is further jolted to discover that Edward is not just a telecommunications mogul, he is Prince Edward of Tianlipin! Sally attends a charity event where she knows Edward will make an appearance, and he is stunned to see his beautiful mermaid--Sally, the woman he can't forget. A second meeting the two confirms the chemistry between them, and Sally reveals her pregnancy to Edward. There are great obstacles to overcome for a chance for a happy family and a future together. Sally has promised to help her family save their hotel and their heritage. Edward is honor-bound to his family and his country--and his prearranged engagement to a royally-suitable young woman he's only met twice is soon to be announced. There are cultural and home base issues to consider as well--and scandal is to be avoided if at all possible. With the holidays approaching, emotions and hopes run high--will there be a Christmas miracle for Sally and Edward? Author Kandy Shepherd has written another wonderful contemporary love story that will touch the heart of readers, and they will also enjoy the other two books in the series: Christmas Reunion in Paris by Liz Fielding, and Stolen Kiss with Her Billionaire Boss by Susan Meier.

    Book Copy Gratis Author Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel, #2) Sally Harrington, a designer, was visiting in Singapore to check out a hotel rooftop for ideas for her family’s own hotel. She to rips and falls into the pool. A handsome stranger rescues her. She doesn’t know he’s a Crown Prince. They have such a strong connection and chemistry, neither want to let the moment go. They end up having a one-night stand. Low and behold she is pregnant. She runs into him again. They still feel the connection but he has royal duties which doesn’t include her. Will they walk away from each other just to avoid scandal. She finds out he’s about to be engaged. Will he let the King and Queen, his parents, make him accept the marriage arrangement? Will they realize that they are right for each other? I loved it so much. A MUST READ Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel, #2) A classic case of a gloriously sexy love at first sight! With the second book in the Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel trilogy, it's Kandy Shepherd's turn to bring a magical connection to life as Sally Harrington finds her very own Prince Charming in THEIR ROYAL BABY GIFT. The characters were delightful, their love story was decadently forbidden yet super sweet, and their happily ever after was divine! I can't wait for Hugo's story to finish off the series.

    Sally is a sweet character. She never expects a trip to Singapore to research gardens for the Harrington to bring the sexiest man she's ever seen to literally sweep her off her feet.

    Edward is refined and dashing and quite the gentleman. Finding out the woman he hasn't been able to get off of his mind since their one night encounter is now carrying his child is unexpected, but he can't deny his joy in seeing her again.

    I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone who enjoys a family picking up the pieces from past heartache to bring them together and stronger than ever. The romance is spot on, and the family connection is sweet. Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel, #2) This is a delightful tale of two people, one controlled by destiny, falling in love. Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel, #2) I absolutely loved this book, which I was blessed to be gifted early by Kandy. Kandy has a beautiful way of building characters who are loveable and complex with a beautiful backdrop of Singapore and London for the setting. The second instalment of the series Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel was definitely worth the wait and I guarantee you’ll fall in love with Edward and Sally, exploring every emotion from complex family relationships with them as their beautiful story unfolds. Their Royal Baby Gift (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel, #2)