Twinkle Sews: 25 Handmade Fashions from the Runway to Your Wardrobe By Wenlan Chia

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    I gave this 4 stars bc the patterns weren't printed already in the back, we have to print them ourselves. In a way it's bad, bc currently I'm out of ink and when I buy ink it will not last long if I want to make several of the patterns on this book. Or do I have to go to a printer and pay to get it done? That would only be more money on top of what I paid for the book. Other than that I Love the book. It has great outfits and I would make many, if not all of them. I give it 4 stars, pick it up, but be ready to print! Comes w/a CD in the back. Paperback Great photographs showing a lot of details, cute wearable designs, but a big minus for the patterns on CD. Every seamstress checks the measurements on the pattern first, before deciding what changes need to be made if any. In this case you will have to rely on the size chart of the book and print the pattern out first, before you can measure it. If you then find out that you would have preferred the smaller or bigger size, you can start all over again, gluing all those pages together. Some garments and sizes can take more than 60 pages to print out. I live in a country where DIN A4 format is standard and I printed the pattern out through Illustrator. It was a lot of work to do, creating first a new document, changing the printing settings to DIN A4 and then copying the pattern from the CD into that document (I found that some patterns could not be selected and copied while others could be, strange). This will allow you to print out the pattern on DIN A4 paper, but you will lose all the markings that make it so easy to piece the original pattern together. My printout didn't match perfectly in some places and I was unhappy with the result. Finally I decided to buy American Quarto paper (8.5 x 11) and print the pattern again, the 500 sheets of US letter size paper cost me 15AUD$. Now the printout matches perfectly and was easy to make the lines match, but you need a lot of space. I had only 36 pages to piece together, but there are patterns that need more than 60 pages. The patterns don't contain bust, waist or hip markings, which would have been helpful.

    The instructions given in the book are very basic and a beginning sewer probably won't be able to sew any of these patterns relying only on them. This book is more aimed to the intermediate to advanced sewer, who already has some experience in garment making. The author gives great tips regarding the materials used for each garment. It is exactly stated what material and fabric was used for each garment to make it easier for your for what fabric to look for. The fabrics used in this book are often pricey, like silk and wool-blends.

    In my opinion the content of the book is absolutely great and worth reading. The garments are nice and can indeed be worn by younger and more mature women. I really enjoyed reading it and I will make lots of garments from this book; I am already working on my first project from this book. Nevertheless, paper patterns would have been so much easier to handle and they wouldn't have cost you an arm and a leg. Ink for the printer and so much paper has its price and is an additional cost, above all for those who live in countries where DIN A4 format is standard. 500 sheets of DIN A4 cost me around 5 bucks. To find someone who sells American Quarto in Australia took me ages and 500 sheets cost me 15 AUD$. Paperback Love some of the patterns but it will require scaling. Largest bust is 40 or so and at a 38DDD... 😬 I can't make anything without adjusting the pattern significantly. Paperback The designs are adorable and the fabric suggestions are perfect for each piece, but the instructions are funky and are not meant for just starting out. The sizes are odd, too, and the Eye for an Eyelet shirt I made is definitely outerwear but ended up being an off-the-shoulder kind of thing on me.

    Printing out + taping together the patterns is time consuming, but I already buy printer paper in bulk quantities. Trust me, it's worth it. Paperback I love looking at Twinkle designs, but you really kind of need a runway-ready occasion to wear these outfits. I'd look bizarre wearing most of these pieces to work or the grocery store. Perhaps it's just time I took up some more glamorous pursuits. I do think the A-Plus A-Line skirt is definitely something I would make and wear, but to wear many of the other pieces I'd have to lose about 20lbs first. Twinkle models are pretty twiggy and I can't imagine many of the designs (like Love in the Afternoon, quite a short strappy dress) looking good on me or anyone larger than me.

    The book does have a plus--you can print the patterns onto letter-size paper on your home printer and piece them together instead of taking the book to be photocopied and enlarged 400%. Paperback

    Many Twinkle fans were first introduced to Wenlan Chia’s signature fresh, young, whimsical style through her knitting books. But before Wenlan knitted, she sewed. And the pieces in her fashion line, Twinkle by Wenlan, are seen not just on the fashion runways and in the pages of InStyle, Lucky, and Vogue, but in high-end stores with high-end prices such as Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue.

    Now, with the easy-to-follow instructions, keen advice, and 25 full-size patterns in Twinkle Sews, you can create your own couture! Choose from one of Wenlan’s coveted patterns, including favorites like her Annie Hall Skirt, Origami Blouse, White Magic Dress, and Flapper Camisole. The patterns come in five different sizes–from 0 to 16–and are included on a CD for you to print at home. Each garment has its own PDF pattern that can be printed on 8½ x 11 (21.5cm x 28cm) paper. Follow the simple instructions to assemble the sheets and voilà—full-size patterns are at your fingertips.

    Along with providing inventive patterns, Wenlan teaches core home sewing techniques–how to sew a seam, insert a zipper, and interface fabric–and gives you the building blocks of garment construction. You’ll have all the tools you need to turn what you see on glossy magazine pages into what’s hanging in your closet.

    From helping you pick the best fabric for each project to providing valuable sewing tips, Wenlan gives you everything you need to sew, unleash your creativity in fabric, and bring your fashion dreams to life. To wear a Twinkle piece is to feel both flirtatious and smart. To make one yourself is all that and more. Twinkle Sews: 25 Handmade Fashions from the Runway to Your Wardrobe


    Prepare to print, print and print some more.
    This is def an itermidiate/advanced sewing book. Paperback After checking this out from the library, I had to run and get my own copy right away. I have not made anything from the book yet, but I am have many of the projects in mind. Still looking for the perfect fabric. I especially like the CD that you can use to print patterns. I hope it works as easy as it sounds.

    Paperback I think this book might be a little over my head. First I need to get past the whole print-out-the-pattern thing (yes, what a hypocrite I am), and then I'm not sure I will be technically able to make them, based on the techniques shown in the book. But I will try, darnit, and if I have to die making that dress on the front, I will. Paperback I know this doesnt really count as a book-book but i Could look at this over and over again. There are so many things I'd love to make when I get a little more confident in my skills! Paperback Love this stuff! It's nice it also comes with a CD full of patterns in the book, you can choose which size to print. Wenlan has a great style sense. I was slightly disappointed with how bulky some of the items are but hey $30 for a book with patterns that's super cost effective compared to buying Vogue patterns retail! Paperback