Unexpected Family By Jill Kemerer

    His Surprise Daughter

    After five years apart, Tom Sheffield is shocked to find his ex-wife, Stephanie, on his doorstep. The news that they share a child he's never met sends him reeling. Four-year-old Macy has his eyes, his mouth and, from their first encounter, his heart. Things with her mother are much more complicated. He doesn't understand what went wrong between them or why she kept their daughter a secret. And he's afraid of falling in love all over again. Yet he feels a glimmer of hope that somehow he can convince Macy and Stephanie to stay in Lake Endwell—and with him—for keeps. Unexpected Family

    Jill Kemerer has written a wonderful LI story Unexpected Family

    5 years Stephanie has kept a secret, a large one at that,from the man she met -married and divorced years ago. It has bothered her even though she has led a good life and raised a young daughter on her own. She feels she should let her ex know that he is a father and let the little girl know her father.
    Now just how do you think this is going to play out???
    Well Jill does a great job of having Tom Sheffield and his ex meet again and learn that he is a father.
    Come read this story and learn how two can find forgiveness and learn that Love just might be sweeter the second time around. 0373879849 Beautiful descriptions abound in Kemerer’s latest. The Sheffield family seemingly has it all (faith, love, money), but demonstrates that nobody has a perfect life free of struggles (RT Book Reviews, 4 stars). 0373879849 Love Inspired book that is neither love-filled nor inspiring in *ANY* way.

    I picked this out of the pile because of the cover (it being autumn as I read it). But even the cover is SO WRONG - Macy is supposed to be the spitting image of Tom. On the cover, the little girl is the spitting image of Stephanie, and looks nothing at all like Tom. Figures.

    Yuppies Tom and Stephanie met at a party in college. Except Tom is five years older, so either he was graduated and still hanging the college scene, or she was stepping up - we're never told. His timeline *REALLY* doesn't work though: he's 31, he's been divorced five years from her (divorced at 26), they were married barely a year and dated about the same amount of time (marriage at 25, dating at 24)... and if he graduated HS at 18 and finished college at 22, there are two years unaccounted for, there. It's... issueful, from the start.

    They meet, marry (even though he's a strong believer and she's not - UNEQUALLY YOLKED, and nobody has a problem with this, not even him???), and he goes straight from college into working for the family and having to prove himself (!??!) to his dad, so he's all overtime and missing dates with his wife and neglecting her, but when she's seen holding hands with someone else, he flips out, refuses counseling and files divorce less than a week later. NICE. GUY.

    Stephanie is your typical no-brainer. All about social life, trendy clothes, and focus-on-me. She's weak sauce the ENTIRE book. The author tries to paint her as a great mom, but her kid's in daycare 70% of the time, hello. Even on her DAYS OFF, she dumps Macy in daycare to go out to lunch with her bestie. WHAT. IS. THAT?!?!? She once stayed home with the child, but now life has to be about HER, for a change. HER college, HER dreams, HER career, HER mental well-being. She's kept Tom from knowing she was pregnant for five years, because... well, numerous stO_opid reasons. But she's a chrischun now, so... wait, she *STILL* didn't tell him. Not until an accident years later freaked her out.

    Tom hates Stephanie and himself. Stephanie hates Tom and herself. Her dad hates Tom, his family hates Stephanie. They fight with each other. They fight with their families. They fight with the stubborn, spoiled only-child kid. Then they fight with each other some more.

    IS inspiring ABOUT THIS STORY!?!?!?!

    Tom is in charge of two car dealerships (←smarm phone, and it's for Tom), and he's absorbed with training for an Ironman to the point where he first dumps his newfound daughter in gym daycare and then in dance class. He's an arrogant jerk who hasn't had a date in five years, but his sister insists that 'half the county would rob the snack-n-go to have a shot at marrying him'. ((!!)) He insists that if he doesn't Ironman, he's mediocre. ((So much for 'humble thyself in the sight of the Lord, and HE shall lift you up.)) Tom is all about self-elevation.

    Pg 203: She wanted him. But she wouldn't admit it. Talked in riddles. Put up walls. And why was that? Who knew? ... He was tired of analyzing. If she wanted to leave, let her leave. That's his attitude, THE WHOLE BOOK, even on 203! Nobody deserves this creep, seriously.

    Pg 213: I love you, Stephanie. And I love you, Macy's mom. I can't separate the two, so don't ask me to. Um... except you just did. And you SHOULD, because while she's both wife and mother, they're COMPLETELY different hats, and he should realize that. Except he's telling her he's willingly refusing to. Man, I hate this guy...

    But then, Stephanie isn't much better. They're both astoundingly yuppie and moronic, and faith is barely a thing for *either* of them, in this 'inspirational' book.

    There's NOTHING inspirational about this.

    And as a post-script, noting on the book that it's #2 would be SERIOUSLY handy. Especially since the first book was Small Town Bachelor and I read it (and *BURNED* it) back in June or something. Might have to chuck everything in my huge LI collection by Kemerer, if this is par for the course... 0373879849 I loved the inspirational ties in this book, forgiveness and patience are two things I personally need to perfect in my life, so it was neat to read a story along the same lines.

    A sweet story, which did feel very rushed, but that's OK.. If you're in the market for a sweet story about love and family, this is your book. 0373879849
    This story caught my attention from the very start!

    The last person Tom Sheffield expected to see when he opens his door is Stephanie, his ex-wife. And he’s most definitely not expecting the shocking news he receives from her! Let me just say. . . this isn’t the sort of news anyone hopes to get!

    This is the second book Jill Kemerer has written, in a wonderful series, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. This series is so inspiring, I’m looking forward to reading it again and again!

    Don’t miss out on this wonderful series!

    Happy Reading!


    SUMMARY ½ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ Jill Kemerer

    What a beautiful story! Usually I find myself skimming some parts in books because the story slowed down but this one held me spellbound from the beginning. I highly recommend to any inspirational romance addict who loves the secret baby story line.

    Stephanie Sheffield and her ex-husband, Tom have been divorced for 5 years. When she shows up on his doorstep, bruised and in pain from being in a car accident, anger clouds the sympathy Tom feels. He hasn't forgiven her for the mistake she made that he felt cost them their marriage. When she tells him that he has a 4 year old daughter, he is completely blown away.

    The car accident was the catalyst for Stephanie. If she had been seriously hurt, who would care for her daughter? Already feeling guilty for keeping Macy's existence from Tom, she decides the time has come to break the news.

    Can they get past their past to see the future they could share? 0373879849 This is a sweet, heartwarming romance that will take you into the lives of two characters who desperately need a second chance. You'll root for them as they realize who they are in Christ and what they both want to fight for. Macy is the little girl in the book, and she adds another sweet element. Kemerer's descriptions are extremely well done, and the characters are well-developed and realistic. If you're looking for the following things, this one is for you: sweet, clean romance. Happily ever after. Faith-filled fiction. Second chance at a first romance. Small-town setting. Sigh-worthy ending. Enjoy!
    0373879849 Unexpected Family is an incredibly sweet story full of grace, forgiveness, and second chances. I loved the chemistry between the hero and heroine. Lake Endwell has become one of my favorite places. I feel like I'm a part of the community and the Sheffield family. Macy is adorable and I loved the father-daughter dynamic between her and Tom. If you're looking for an inspirational romantic and heartwarming story, this book is for you! 0373879849 Unexpected Family is by Jill Kemerer. It is a love inspired novel and is inspirational so the language and graphic sexual encounters are not there. This is an easy book to read and a great one for summer or quick readings at the doctor’s office.

    Tom Sheffield is surprised when his ex-wife, Stephanie, showed up on his doorstep. He wasn’t particularly cordial to her; but then, she had left him five years ago and he had no idea why and she had not explained. This time, he could not ignore her because she was here to tell him he was the father of a four-year old daughter!
    Tom was floored. He didn’t hesitate to accept her as his once he saw her picture. She was definitely a Sheffield. What he had trouble with was why she waited four years to tell him. What firsts has he missed with his daughter? Can he forgive Stephanie for this? Can he get to be a real father to Macy?
    0373879849 Received this book for giving an honest review by Jill's Book Crew....
    Jill Kemerer's second book in the Lake Endwell series. She vividly writes heartwarming stories that make you feel right at home and a part of the story.This book really spoke to me because this book helped establish that all relationships have ups and downs,but with God being the center of your life he will put trust back into a relationship.
    This story follows Tom Sheffield. It has been five years since his divorce from his ex-wife, Stephanie. She comes to share the news that he has a 4 year-old daughter, Macy.Since they had a complicated past, it is hard at first for them to make arrangements with their daughter. They must learn to reestablish trust which is hard for both of them. They must trust God and seek his direction.They are both afraid to take another chance at love together because they are afraid they will mess up and that would affect Macy.
    I really the part when Stephanie prays, Lead me to your will, Lord.Guide me and make my path straight.
    Overall, this book was really enjoyable following this family once again and I can't wait for the release of the next book in the series. 0373879849