Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing By Emma Dexter

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    One of the most beautiful and inspiring books that I own. I read the artist info, but the work featured in this huge book keeps me busy for hours. It's simply one of the best books I have come across, but not compared to novels, since they don't fall in the same category. However, you should look through this book sometime - it's very addictive. Hardcover There's a lot of drawing in this mammoth book and many different definitions of exactly what drawing is. Though the selection is certainly interesting, I was not overwhelmed by inspiration. At times the work seemed overly studied to me; even though well-executed, much of it seemed to lack vision and/or passion.

    Still among the work of the 100+ artists represented, ther is plenty to admire. Artists I already kne and liked: Chris Johanson, Marlene Dumas, William Kentridge, Wagechi Mutu. And many new to me: the graphic charts of Simon Evans, Dominic McGill's mad political combinations of text and image, Dr Lakra's tattooed magazine photos, Simone Shubuck's art brut-inspired visions, Shannon Bool's textured layers, Raymond Chaves' black and white linear spaces, Cai Guo-Quiang's deteriorating narrated abstractions.

    Vitamin D is a good place to start looking and thinking about the variety of ways contemporary artists approach drawing. Hardcover I particularly like the way the book is structured and organized. The entire books is an homage to the form. Each artist is introduced by way of brief biographical information as well as a general explanation of their role in and contribution to the contemporary art world. This makes it much more of a reference or guidebook than strictly an art book. Lovely! Hardcover Reproductions of drawings were unsatisfactory, and the type was a light grey and too small. Disappointed. Hardcover i had to have it the first time i cracked it open. each time i leaf through the pages i get more and more out of it. lovely. Hardcover


    Someone else had a hold on this and I wouldn't have been able to remember half of the people I liked in it anyway, there are so many. That's what galleries are good for--providing a distinct experience that I can call on to remember artists' names. Hardcover Definitely worth it's price tag ... as an artist, I find this book is so full of inspiration (something money can't buy).

    I randomly came across it walking through Chapters a month or so ago and couldn't take my eyes off it!

    Since then, I've made a point of looking through it everytime I'm in there (which is a lot) ... today I finally bought it!

    Beautiful book, worth every penny.
    Hardcover Some interesting work to cast your eyes upon-- I need this jolt right about now... Hardcover While Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing doesn't suffer from the same over-defensiveness of Vitamin P, it also doesn't quite have its diversity of forms. Many contemporary artists have taken the directness of drawing as permission to adopt the faux-naive drawing style, an overly-cartoony form of hipster drawing I find boring even when it's done at it's best. Nonetheless, there are some real treasures hidden in this collection – one just has to dig a little deeper than in its sister book.


    Emma Dexter's introductory text offers a critical account of the recent evolution and role of drawing in the art world, and introduces some of the trends, methods and artists included in the book. In the following and largest section of the book (over 300 pages and approximately 500 illustrations), the 100 or more artists are presented in an A to Z order. Some artists are presented on 2 pages, some on 4 pages. About 5 selections of work are reproduced for each artist, along a text written by an author who is a specialist on the artist's work. The 500-word texts are brief surveys of the artist's career to date, and aim at introducing the methods and subject matter at issue in their recent works. A selected list of exhibitions and bibliography also complements the reproductions and text on each artist. Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing