You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3) By Georgia Le Carre

    The sexy spin off standalone to the bestselling, You Don't Own me (The Russian Don series) is available now. You do not have to read 'You Don't On me' books 1 & 2 as this Bad Boy Mafia Romance is Noah's story and can be read as a complete standalone and has guaranteed HEA.
    I knew Noah Abramovich was trouble the first time our eyes locked. I was sixteen that summer. Sitting by the pool eating an ice-cream I can still remember how it melted over my fingers and dripped onto my thighs as I stared back at him. It wasn't just his Greek god looks, the animalistic Alpha attitude, or his tall, powerful muscled body - it was the aura around him that screamed, Don't fuck with me.

    At sixteen I wanted him with the passion of a woman, but mine was a world of unwritten rules. Rules that are worth more than a man's life. I didn't need anyone to tell me that he was everything I could not have.

    He never looked at me again, but I watched him from afar. I could tell there were deep secrets that kept his smile hidden. Dark and mysterious he seemed to fear no one, not even my father. A man he should have. One I feared greatly. As the years passed, the afternoon when time stilled became as unreal as a dream.

    I am twenty-two now and in six months I will be married to a man my father chose. I will do my duty and bring respectability to my father's dynasty, but before I give myself to that man, I must have a taste of the forbidden. Just one night with the man of my darkest fantasies, so I don't lie on my deathbed, and regret that I never reached out and took the one thing I wanted most in life.
    But what if it's everything I imagined and more.
    What if one taste is not enough?


    In the Mafia world, your past is never far behind. If you are careless, it seeps into your future and gets you killed. Just when I had fooled myself into believing I'd stepped away from it all, it suddenly appeared in my office.

    Tasha Evanoff: She is what original sin must have looked like. Blonde, beautiful, voluptuous, and with secretive sapphire eyes that see right into my tainted soul.
    She comes offering one bite of the red apple.

    If I had any sense I'd shut the door on her, and send her back to her father, a psychopath of the highest degree. But that's not who I am. If the pretty princess has the courage to walk into the lion's den, I'm sure as fuck not going to pass on a challenge. I'll take one bite of her apple. Why the fuck wouldn't I? I've been lusting after it for years. I will spread her wide and ravage her delicate flesh. I will leave her aching and sore and ruin her for any other man. She naively thinks everything will go back to what it was before, but I know what she doesn't. You can never have just one night of raw passion. The body will always crave more. She'll be back and I'll play it cool. But who am I fooling, I'm never letting go... You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3)


    SUMMARY You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3)

    Another good read by Georgia. She is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3) Review soon...

    Woo hoo!!

    @georgialecarre THANK YOU!!!
    You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3) I swear every book I read from this author is sexier and more intriguing then the last.

    Darn, let me tell you this one is shower inducing go find your significant other freaking HOT!

    Ok there is a plot too and it sure gets twisty and interesting.

    Tasha turned out to be someone I didn't think she would be and I was happy with the outcome. She took what she wanted and found away to keep it. She turned out to be one tough cookie and she did it without her man! Impressive!

    Noah is his hot self and isn't going to stop at one night. Oh and a peek at Zane to tie it all. Oh and Shane and Crystal Jake. I am interested in this new character Irish Jack....

    Enjoy a great action packed, short, hot, sexy read! You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3) Received this book as an ARC, first time that I have read anything by Georgia Le Carre. So going in wasn't sure what I would think about it and after an afternoon totally immersed in this book have to say, I truly enjoyed it.
    A Mafia princess being raised by a controlling father and her loving grandmother, she is expected to marry a man she does not love. A deal made by her father to benefit both men. A night of rebellion, she has one last fling with a man she has always desired.
    We watch our heroine go from timid and loving daughter to a strong and determined woman.
    Events happen that change her perspective on life and she takes control of her future.
    Recommend this book to over 18, there are some very intense violent and sexual scenes.
    Kudos to Ms. Le Carre, a 4.5 star read!! You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3) The writing isn't for me. You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3)

    2 Stars

    This was very underwhelming...which is unfortunate, as you can really tell that Le Carre did her due diligence in the research shit about Russia, Russian food, Russia mafia tattoos and Nice department.

    The problem was she wanted to share it ALL with us, meaning this thing read like a travel guide with some sex scenes thrown in there.

    Add to that the fact that the actual book ended at 35% and, well...meh, which is a shame because it was a promising dirty read and I really liked how it started off. You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3) Really enjoyed this one.Former Bratva meets current Russian mob princess as only Georgia le Carre can write it. You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3)

    4.5 love that never dies stars *sigh*

    When a precious mafia Princess,

    enters Noah Abramovich's office asking him to have a one night of dirty sex without limits with her,

    The Princess wants to be a slut for one night.

    before she's given away to marry a man she neither wants or love, the emotions deep buried and shoved in the darkened soul, start to awake

    and things just can't stay at that one single night of limitless liberating passion.
    She is yours only tonight

    The sinner and the sage, the good into bad, night into day, death into life, and back again

    They never expected to open a sealed treasure chest on the already destined path to love, as they undeniably fall for each other, or maybe deep in side they just knew...but never had the chance to acknowledge it...until now...and when every possible odd is against them...
    I promise you'll be mine, or I'll die fucking trying.

    Noah is prepared for war, to fight for her till his last breath...and he's sending a message loud and clear...
    Tasha Evanoff belongs to me, and I will kill every man that is sent to come between us.

    BUT things are not that simple, as pulling a trigger, threats are even more dangerous as Tasha is faced with the cruelty and psychosis from her own father...and she is pushed til the ultimate limits of her inner humanity and compassion.

    And she would be the hurricane rising within cause when the thin line of compassion is broken and the lives of the ones she loves are at stake, she would make it to the point of no fight for her right to withstand, right to love, to defened and fight for the man she sacrifice everything...for the notion or even a glimpse of what would expand to be the love of epic proportions...
    “I'd burn everything I own down to the ground for you.“

    „I've burnt everything I own to the ground for you.“

    What I love in Georgia'a books is always the limitless love expanding from the characters and you feel it in their words, described emotional turmoils, and then Georgia leaps another step further and takes you with her characters on a „5 senses“ journey – every visual is presented as alive painting, every sound authentic to the described surroundings, the food is delivered to you with every single little segment of content that gives you the vivid image, almost as real to taste, and as she takes you around the world, you've seen places you might never visit in real life BUT in her books you always have a glimpse of a paradise on, thank you for that.

    I enjoyed in yet another everlasting love on so many levels and pealed layers of joy, content and completion.

    Can't wait to read more of the new hunk presented in the story JAck Irish!

    my God, where am I gonna put all these men I happen to be collecting LOL but still...I am keeping them ALL

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    You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3) *** 3.5 Stars!!! ***

    This is the third book in the Russian Don series, and truthfully it wasn’t my favourite. This one features Noah who is the guy who worked for our hero in the first two books. Noah no longer works for his friend but now owns a bunch of his own restaurants etc.. The woman whom he is attracted too is the daughter of a mafia king.

    This instalment was a little boring at times. The writing was fabulous, but I thought the author spent too much time describing food, and the country the couple visited.She does such an articulate job of it, but it became a bit much after awhile. I still love this author, I just prefer her stories to focus more on the love and sex aspect rather than what the characters are eating! Lol! You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3) Noah Abramovich knows what he wants, and what he wants is sexy Tasha Evanoff. They’ve known each other for years and Tasha has always stirred a fire in him unlike any other woman. There has always been a powerful attraction between them but Tasha is only to “look, but don’t touch”. He’s stunned when she offers herself to him for one night in order to taste the forbidden fruit and satisfy her dark, sexual desires before she gives herself to the man her strict father has forced her to marry…Resistance is no longer an option!

    Despite the fabulous interaction between the hero and the heroine, there is also a ton of emotion. Noah is everything a woman could want: handsome, sexy and dedicated to Tasha with all his heart.

    The author has written a hot and delicious love story, with one very brave woman who decides to defy her strict and dangerous father and fight for her life and the man she loves, and the man who loves her enough to risk his life for.

    This is a scorching hot book, full of sexual tension, angst and action. Just enough detail throughout however my one complaint is the ending... I wanted just a tad more but still this book is a quick sexy read!!

    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

    You Don't Know Me (The Russian Don #3)